Just Cause 2 - New Multiplayer Beta Test Starts Today

DSOGaming writes: "The JC2 MP beta test will start today, on 6PM AEST (4AM EDT, 1AM PDT, 10AM CET, 8AM GMT) and will be open to everyone."

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john23293d ago

Less than 30 minutes. Awesome :D

PiccoloGR3293d ago

And it has just started

WeskerChildReborned3293d ago

Just Cause 2 is getting multiplayer?

Skate-AK3293d ago

It's PC mod I'm pretty sure.

Hufandpuf3293d ago

this game is STILL getting support? I have to buy it

pr0digyZA3293d ago

Well these are mods they arent from the developer. There is an insane amount of mods you can get for this game makes it better than when it first came out, my best ones are multiple grapple lines and hard to break lines.

Check some out here

Hufandpuf3293d ago

I just checked my system requirements, i cant even run the game :(

BattleAxe3293d ago

No big deal, the game wasn't very good anyway. I stopped playing after around 4 hours because it was so boring.

Skate-AK3293d ago

Don't listen to BattleAxe. The game is awesome with well over 80 hours of content.

chrisgay3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I had no idea! Played and loved the game on 360. Definitely should have picked this up in the Steam Summer Sale...

Crazyglues3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

What about PS3, will we get the Multiplayer???


Hellsvacancy3293d ago

Its a mod for the PC

Have people decided to stop reading articles now?

Crazyglues3293d ago

Oh I see this was for PC only and made by fans..

FYI: I did read the article but I thought they meant the developers of the game were making a mod for multi-player..

Because let's be honest who has ever heard of a fan-made mod that added Multi-player to a game.. pretty amazing..

I would love to see what the developers of the game think of this mod...? (I think it's a really good example of just how important multi-player could be for a game. Seems to be really popular.)


GoldenGamer3293d ago

Uhm... GTA San Andreas has a mod that makes it multiplayer... lots of games do

sarlucic3293d ago

Ehm... There are multiple mods that added multiplayer. For gta and many more.

Crazyglues3293d ago

Really I guess I've been gone from PC gaming for far too long...

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