Nintendo debating on Zelda Symphony CD soundtrack

Nintendo is debating on if they should release a CD soundtrack to their Zelda Symphony.

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stragomccloud3293d ago

Sometimes I think Nintendo just hates making money. Seriously, this would sell like crazy among the Zelda hardcore. I'm so glad I could see the concert live by the way~

Fierce Musashi3293d ago

I was just going to say that.

There shouldn't be any question about it.

Jadedz3293d ago

I got the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack not too long ago (it comes with the $129 Wii bundle, along with NSMBW [no gamecube support, though] game), and it's freakin' amazing!

I can only imagine what the Zelda one will be like.

Xperia_ion3293d ago

This should be a no brainer.

DigitalHorror813293d ago

Come on, Nintendo. We'd LOVE IT!

DivineAssault 3293d ago

I think i have it.. It came with one of my games not too long ago..

--Onilink--3293d ago

that disc only has a half the concert