Sorry EA, But We're Tired of You Making Terrible Football Games

A lawsuit filed in 2008 has been brought back up, and if approved it may give other game developers the right to make NFL and NCAA football games again. Sorry EA, but I hope 2k sports gets another crack at making football games.

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Outside_ofthe_Box3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Amen, Alleluiah! I'm tired of the trash that is Madden. I want ESPN 2K Football back.

rpd1233846d ago

I remember when I was a kid, I had 2K2 on my PS2 and my friend had Madden. I was at his house and he told me I wouldn't be good at Madden because "it wasn't some shitty 2K game". I f***in rage because 2K2 was leagues better than Madden.

da_2pacalypse3845d ago

Yeah, the old 2K games were specially good.

PS. you can just about say the following statement:

"EA we're tired of you making terrible *insert genre here* games" lol

NegativeCreep4273845d ago

It may be outdated, according to current NFL team statistics and player data, but if anyone is a long-time NFL fan that really doesn't matter.

Hanif-8763845d ago

EA makes good football games and i'm stoked that they got the rights for UFC because they are damn good with fighting simulations also.

black9113845d ago

PLEASE BRING 2K Back!!!!!!!!!!

ATi_Elite3845d ago

I hope they win this Lawsuit and force EA to pay them a lot of money and THEN make a kick butt football game.

I know I always thought this was unfair and i haven't played Madden since.

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-Alpha3846d ago

All Hail the King, 2K!

X-Factor3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

YESSSS! Always thought 2k football games were better.

vega2753846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

i really hope EA loses their grip on NFL and NCAA football. 2K make it happen then i can go back to buying football games again.

MultiConsoleGamer3846d ago

But EA didn't create this exclusivity contract, the NFL did.

iceman063845d ago

True...but there are documents that suggest that there was collusion between executives at EA and the NFL in the drafting stages of that contract. The execs specifically point out how to keep earned monies between EA and the NFL (not NFL players) and to exclude any other game company from ruining the image of the NFL. I used to have links to this documentation...but it's been so long since this discussion has been on the table.

mananimal3844d ago

Amen, I love the Truth!!!!!,

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The story is too old to be commented.