No New Xbox 360 Price Drop Rumor

You might have read all over the net today that Microsoft plans to cut Xbox 360 price by US$100. Now didn't we read this exact rumor like two months ago? Yes we did, what happened today is the classic "big site post old rumor, nobody else bothers to check the source, and you already know the rest of the story..."

If we go to the source of todays price drop rumor we see that posted this Wednesday 26 July 2006

I have made similar mistakes several times myself, but now that I noticed I thought I'd just clear this one up.

Note: This old rumor could still be true though, but personally I doubt it.

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Chronical5910d ago

I just got mine 2 weeks ago

calderra5910d ago

Microsoft already did a Core price drop in Japan before, didn't they? (as in, before they were copied by Sony)

That's about all the drop I'm really expecting. There will probably be a few sweet holiday bundles, but I'm not expecting a drop on the system's actual price.

Dreamworker5910d ago

why a price cut now? i dont think xbox360 needs a price drop. Right now is no competition on the market. The ps3 will be sold out after 2 hours.I think no price drop until may 2007 is just my opinion.

Marty83705909d ago

X360 will need all the help it can get once the PS3 & Wii arrives.

ScorpioKyle5909d ago

aren't they coming out with a packin with GRAW and Arcade Unplugged next month? Like said before, PS3's are going to be in so few numbers this fall, no need to bother with a price cut until 07

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