[KKEnt] Kuma Heads to NYC Event of NBA Baller Beats Xbox360

Kuma Wrote: It was a nice July 24th on a Tuesday and a week ago I was invited to an event to check out the new NBA Baller Beats game coming out for the Kinect on the Xbox 360. I kind of flipped the script by making it a family outing taking my two cousins to be my test subjects since I myself am not really a baller. That is right I may be from Brooklyn, but the only dribbling I do is my sleep. Thanks to the nice people at Majesco Entertainment who brought you the famous Zumba fitness games; you can also learn how to be a great dribbler by following the beat of rhythm to a vast list of music. I had some live footage for you to enjoy, but sadly the files were corrupted, that is bad juju however I do have a video below showing off the features of the game.

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