PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Will be "Twice as Accurate" as a DualShock

The new PlayStation Move Racing Wheel attachment will have "basically double the accuracy of a DualShock," according to Sony.

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PoSTedUP2729d ago

uh ok cool. call me ignorant but what games would even use this that one should not already have a Driving Force Pro for?

Heartnet2729d ago

Guys who own both ps move and racing games but arnt gonna dish out the cash needed for a wheel -_-

2728d ago
R6ex2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Just take my money!

I'm a bike rider.

Skate-AK2729d ago

Well if you already have the Driving Wheel then there is no point. This is for people that can't afford the wheel since this is less than half the price. It also looks a lot more kid friendly than a steering wheel.

PoSTedUP2729d ago

yeah true. i just realized after reading the article games like MS and mod racers; this is pretty much Sony's answer for mario kart games on the wii.

it's cool. the thing i really like about it is the bike handelbars, deff a sweet thing for MS


I also like the fact that it can be setted as a motorcycle handlebar (or aircraft yoke) but even through it looks cool, I just can't see myself playing without a fixed column/axis as reference. I would love to see a proper motorcycle control like that.

Knushwood Butt2728d ago

Yeah, I'd be interested to try it, but I already have a G27, so...

Still, for GT5 or whatever I'd use the G27, but I wouldn't use that for something like ModNation (does it even support wheels?). There's probably a niche there.

Jadedz2729d ago

I never would've guessed (j/k - it's pretty obvious, isn't it?).

user54670072729d ago

So if I'm playing on an online race with a friend and he has the Wheel while I use my controler he would have an unfair advantage over me...

...thats not really fair. How can you determine real skill when something like this gives you better Accuracy

WeskerChildReborned2729d ago

It's pretty much how it is, like let's say you play COD, some people own headsets that allow them to hear where people are and some people don't.

I think all online gaming should be fair though.

darthkai2729d ago

That's like complaining other people may have an unfair advantage because they have bigger and better screens that give them a clearer picture, and surround sound that gives superior audio feedback. Or, if playing on PC, they have a faster PC, higher DPS mouse, low latency keyboard, low latency network card and faster internet connection. The playing field will never truly be fair, but that has never stopped me from having fun :-)

Skate-AK2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

It's just how it is. I get my ass kicked when I play a fighting game against someone with a fight stick. Same thing when I play GT5. I can beat a friend if we both use controllers but if he plays with his racing wheel then I get smoked.

specialguest2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Lol, you can't be serious about complaining about the fairness are you?

There have always been gamers who upgrade their controller since the NES era to gain whatever advantage or precision possible. Suddenly it's become a concern? It's the way gaming had always been.

This is such a non-issue.

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Kopite_20202729d ago

If there's increased latency then the accuracy increase is redundant.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2728d ago

lol looks like a sex toy. ugly controller.

DlocDaBudSmoka2728d ago

seems you have odd tastes in sex toys.

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