Is a Game Ever Below Your Age Range?

'This is an important point to make; there are good games and bad games in any area of gaming and kids’ games are no different. So what do the good children’s games have to offer us' writes David Howe.

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gaffyh3288d ago

There isn't an age limit, but I believe there is a crap-ness limit. For example, Barbie games can only be for little children and no one else.

majiebeast3288d ago

Never. Buddy of mine always rags on me for playing games like Rayman origins and super mario galaxy 2 among others, i just think what he is missing out on playing the millionth generic fps.

PoSTedUP3288d ago

i just started getting into harvest moon. really good long RPG.

irishyort3288d ago


Skylanders is something i will never get into

However I'll still play Yu Gi Oh games. I know they're aimed at primary school kids, but still find them fun.

OmniSlashPT3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Yu Gi Oh? Go to an official tournament, it's filled with grown up men.

Media market Yu Gi Oh as a children's card game (mainly because of the anime that was aimed at kids, much like the Pokemon), but Yu Gi Oh it's as competitive (or even more) than Magic The Gathering and other card games. Yu Gi Oh is even in the Guinness for being the best selling trade card game in the world.

On topic, I think everyone plays whatever they want, being it a child game, a shooter or some casual sholvelware.

irishyort3287d ago

Just because grown up men play it, doesnt mean its not a kids game buddy!

Im grown up and I play it, but id be stuffed if i would be bragging about it at the pub. I'd get asked for ID and probably laughed out of the place.

soliduck3288d ago

Sorry but there is for me. No matter how good super mario galaxy or lbp are, I just can't get into them cause there content is to little kiddy. Im in my twenties now and I need my entertainment, movies or games to be at least a little mature. Maybe thats just a sign I shouldn't be playing video games anymore.

ginsunuva3288d ago

Blood and guns =/= mature.

In fact most of them are immature

gaffyh3288d ago

Smartest thing anyone has ever said on N4G.

YoungKingDoran3288d ago

of course...
the two common things that will make a game rated higher is violence (blood) and swearing.
im not a square and enjoy those things, but they are two things alot of games dont require to be fun.
only fools wouldnt play a G or PG game on that merit alone.
Enjoy COD, chumps

3288d ago
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