The Announcement from the Creators of Limbo is A Good Thing | Yesterday the creators of Limbo announced that their next game, Project 2, is at least two years away from release. Playdead Studios has been working on Project 2 since the release of Limbo. And that was two years ago. At first this news was sad to hear, but now I realize that this announcement is a really good thing.

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samson-12733d ago

Limbo is awesome. Can't wait to play their next game.

M1am1U2733d ago

Limbo was truly spectacular. I agree with you samson, I can't wait to play their next game. I'll wait 2 years for another experience like Limbo.

Psychotica2732d ago

I bought it during the last Steam sale and I have really enjoyed it. I am almost done now though :(