PSN Sneak Peek: Chinatown Wars comes to PS Vita

PSU writes: "This week's North American PlayStation Store update brings a much-loved open-world classic to PS Vita in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Rockstar Games has been giving plenty of support to PlayStation gamers lately; what impact could this have on the release of Grand Theft Auto V?"

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Beetey3286d ago

Ugh... Sounds like another week w/o Portable Ops being added...

irishyort3286d ago

Going to have to start buying these Rockstar games. If I don't chip in and support them I dont want to feel responsible if they stop supporting Vita. I see what they're doing. Very sneaky!

TheHater3285d ago

How exactly are they supporting the PlayStation vita? Correct me if I am wrong, but this is the same PSP game, same graphic, same gameplay, same everything that was release on UMD.

CaptCalvin3286d ago

Still no Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition? Peace Walker? Syphon Filter? Come one already!

tachy0n3285d ago

i emailed rockstar games to see whats going on with midnight club 3 ill report back when i get a response

ShinFuYux3285d ago

You can get those games on the Vita, through the PS3. I have Peace Walker on my Vita already.

CaptCalvin3285d ago

Shame I havn't got a PS3.

tachy0n3282d ago

rockstar just replied, they told me to encourage other players to email them and suggest Midnight club 3 DUB edition for the PSvita!!

VitaOwner3286d ago

Liberty City Stories is awesome. I played Vice City Stories on psp, so Ill probably skip that and pickup Chinatown Wars. I wouldn't mind a Grand Theft Auto V: Stories esque type game. They could allow for some kind of inter connectivity with the console version much like asc 3 and asc 3:Liberation.

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