New Super Mario Bros. Needs a ‘Classic’ Hardcore Difficulty Mode

GenGAME writes: "A lot of people rightly complain that the New Super Mario Bros. games are too easy. Objectively speaking they do cut back significantly on a lot of the things that made the classic game so notoriously tough, adding more coins and extra lives, more chances to save the game, and the ability to replay levels in order to mine them for 1ups and power-ups. Older games didn’t have these luxuries – getting a Game Over sent you back to start and you only had one shot at each level, meaning that every move you made had to really count."

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Morrigan-Aensland3294d ago

New super Mario is actually old super Mario. It needs a complete overall IMO. Others can have their opinions but this game is basically a super Nintendo game. It's time to upgrade this ip

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AO1JMM3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )


Not just no, but HELL NO!

Hisiru3294d ago

Mario is still as fun as always but I would like to see a hard mode (no it doesn't need a hard mode, I just think it would be a plus).

ChickeyCantor3294d ago

"Others can have their opinions but this game is basically a super Nintendo game"

I wish it was.

Hell if they go back to the feel of SMB3 then they can make tons of em.

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AO1JMM3294d ago

Odd I do not remember a hard difficulty in the classic super mario bros.

It does not "need" any such mode at all.

Jadedz3294d ago

Remember that block that appears if you get neutralized, frequently?

Just add that, and it won't be such a bad idea.

xflo3603294d ago

old super mario was cute but deadly, and thats what made it so addictive!
It was the same with the original tomb raider as you knew one mistake would mean big trouble and thats what made it a classic!

tweet753294d ago

i got this feeling in the second quest of super mario 3d land. You want a hardcore super mario challenge beat every level in both quests and get every coin in every level. Possibly the hardest challenge in any mario game.

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