[KKEnt] First Impression of Little Big Planet Karting

Kuma Wrote: What is up gamers, this is Kuma and here with my First impression video of Little Big Planet Karting. I have added some screen shots with additional feature information for you to enjoy.

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mcstorm3285d ago

The biggest problem for me about lbpk is the speed of the racing karts its far too slow imo and because if this it feels like the game runs slow too.

I hope the final version is alot faster otherwise i will not be picking this game up and sticking to mnr as my karting game on the ps3.

SavageKuma3285d ago

Yup it is up to us to send in that feedback...there are also lag issues game and they should add more customization options especially to the engine itself. As you stated I hope they make more changes.

DanSolo3284d ago

It does look a bit slow!

Hopefully they speed it up as it would be great to have a Kart game as good as the Old School MarioKart, but with all those customisation options keeping it fresh!

A lot of potential, but I will wait and see what it's like when it's released!