Girls Can Play Too

Anyone who personally knows me, KNOWS how much of a Call of Duty fanatic I am. I have over 212 hours logged in just on Modern Warfare 3 alone, not to mention all the previous COD games. It still shocks some people to find out that behind my gamertag lies an actual girl. Welp, excuse me–woman (I use the term loosely).

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X-Factor3285d ago

I personally don't care if I get beat my a female in ANY game. I'm mediocre at BF3 and all the COD series. But I still play because I love it.

There is one thing I can't handle as a MAN. And that is, getting beat by a 12 yr old in a 1v1 game. Whether it's racing (Hot Pursuit), sports (soccer), or Strategy (R.U.S.E), as soon as I find out it was a sub-teenager, I'm instantly annoyed. Grhhh!!!!

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lociefer3284d ago

Why the H would i wanna read an article about u thinking that the guy was upset because you're a ''girl'' that beat him, if that's the first thing that popped into your head then you're the one who needs help not him

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Outside_ofthe_Box3284d ago

Meh, being good at CoD isn't impressive to me.

ATi_Elite3284d ago

Yeah Employers don't look for that on your Resume and it will not help you get into College either.

ddurand13284d ago

ONLY and ONLY after their sandwich making responsibilities have been completed.

Smashbro293284d ago

CoD isn't very skill based. And I don't give a shit that you're paranoid about guys.

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The story is too old to be commented.