BioWare: Thanks for the DLC, Now Fix the Bugs

BioWare’s been expanding on the available multiplayer content pretty rapidly since Mass Effect 3′s release back in March, including the Resurgence and Rebellion packs, arguably as a way to placate the large, angry mob some of the fanbase has turned into over many of the game’s perceived problems, such as the controvertial ending (which has been – hopefully – fixed).
The only problem is that the game the DLC is built upon is inherently broken, and not enough has been done to fix it.

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rpd1233293d ago

I have it for 360 and have experienced only one of those problems. I sometimes see other players running around with their guns firing even though they aren't actually firing. Hardly game breaking in my opinion.

joab7773293d ago

I agree. I love the ps3 but it must be a ps3 problem Cuzco I havnt had any issues.

FrightfulActions3293d ago

I'm on the PS3 and been playing since the beta. This is the only glitch I've seen outside of the beta trails. It also is always the particle rifle, in my experience. Maybe I'm just really lucky. Or maybe the majority of bugs are on the PC version and occur due to something on the client-side.

kneon3293d ago

I've encountered every one of those bugs on the PS3 but they don't happen often enough to really be a problem.

The bug that really annoys me isn't even listed. Several times I've dropped an object and had it disappear through the floor making it impossible to pick it up again. It's only happened 3 or 4 times but it's really annoying because the mission will fail when this happens.

Jacobster3293d ago

I have seen most of these issues on the 360 and I play quite a bit. Condor needs to be fixed with the ammo cache crates and the overall stability of the match. Banshee's need to be fixed as their magnetic pull seems to work from the other side of the map on some occasions! I have also been booted alot from the servers especially when there seems to be incoming updates and tends to cost me alot of credits. The rocket launcher seems to have lost some of its power now they have removed the charge up for it. I guess no game is perfect!

Argus93293d ago

Thanks for all the feedback guys! Not all of the bugs on this list are game-breaking but they certainly show a lack of polish that we shouldn't expect in such a hugely-important title. The ones that do break the game, such as Kneon's, really are inexcusable. And saying "I'm playing on X console and I don't get these bugs" isn't an excuse - the game should be working equally well on all consoles, otherwise you're basically giving anywhere from 30%-60% of your player base the shaft.