Ten Reasons Why The PS4 And Xbox 720 Won’t Launch Anytime Soon

Kartik Mudgal:

Everyone knows that Sony and Microsoft are developing their next-gen consoles, but one thing is for certain, people have to wait for a few more years before they get their hands on the it. There is no chance that both these consoles will be released next year i.e 2013, however, they will be announced for sure next year for sure, via a private conference like Sony announced the Vita or at E3. Nintendo’s Wii U will be released this year, and contrary to most people’s beliefs that this will make Sony and Microsoft panic and release their systems early as possible, is in fact far-fetched.

There’s a lot of reasons for this. In spite of what Ubisoft says, most publishers would want this gen to continue for as long as it can because of one simple reason: Install base. The current PS3/360 install base which totals to nearly 130 million is very vital for software sales. Here are 10 reasons why we think it will launch in 2014.

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black9113286d ago

Everytime Someone mentions Next Gen I say Look at "Beyond Two Souls"

IRetrouk3286d ago

I just don't see Sony and micro letting nin have so much time on the market without competition, I honestly think 2013 will be the year.

ddurand13286d ago

i tend to agree.

but if they are dual releasing games on ps3 and ps4, there will be little reason for me to become an early adopter.

taquito3286d ago

they already missed the train, there should have been new consoles in 2010-2011

people have phones that look better than 80% of the ps3/360 library

that game literally looks better than 99% of ps3/360 library

plus it runs at a better framerate and has ZERO jaggies

IRetrouk3286d ago

I have this game on the xperia play, it looks good but nowhere near something like killzone halo or even cod.

taquito3286d ago

u need a tegra chip in iphone 4s or higher to see all effects, it looks better than killzone 3/uncharted 3, for real....its not a better game, but graphically it surpasses them and looks much sharper and cleaner