Should more games use FMV now?

With the quality of live action footage given greater budget for adverts, should developers return to include FMV in games to tell the story?

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RaidensRising3288d ago

Yes they should. Complete with hammy acting.

NukaCola3288d ago

I know its Xbox World, but they do talk about PS3 too...I love the cutscenes in Twisted Metal and wish other games would do that more.

Also there is an Xbox Indi about a killer who attacks some highschoolers and the entire game is QTEs revolving around different cut-scenes. It's very cheesy but really funny too. I saw it on G4. Can't for the life of me remember it's name.

Winter47th3287d ago

Man, CGs used to be some sort of reward when you progress through a game, nowdays, you're lucky to even have a CG cutscene in the beginning of the game. CGs are fucking awesome!

Spenok3287d ago

@ Winter47th

Couldn't agree more. I love me some FMV's. Its too bad imo that not vary many games use them anymore. :/

CheapPocketman3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Do you mean Bloody Death???

specialguest3287d ago

Pure classic -

My favorite part on 2:47 of the video.

bunt-custardly3288d ago

There is something strangely charming about the Resident Evil intro movie no matter how cheesy it is.

Kratoscar20083287d ago

Great actors, that Wesker actor is ten times better than RE5 Wesker, the character intro was very hilarious.

Oh and the first zombie FMV made me crap myself.

bunt-custardly3287d ago

The guy who plays Barry Burton looks like a legend. And the hair, my god, the hair!

Cyb3r3288d ago

The intro movies sure were cheesy but the gameplay was a lot better than todays RE games

PersonMan3287d ago

In my opinion, CG cutscenes take you out of the game and can be quite jarring when you're immersed.

Sidewinder-3287d ago

FMV's man.

They were like your reward when playing C&C games. They were a mix between actors and cgi, but still, they were awesome

Vortex3D3287d ago

C&C5 was never the same without FMV. I played just about every C&C and RA until they stopped using FMV.

I love watching some of the actors did their acting before they became more famous. Having live actors just make the game feel real like they are talking to you than some CGI character.

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