How Watch Dogs saved E3 2012

CalmDownTom says, "Fortunately something magical happened in the midst of maelstrom at E3 this year. The one beacon of hope that shone across the convention floor and ignited the flames of debate around the world. “What is this last hope” you ask? It’s Ubisoft and the new IP Watch Dogs."

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solid73294d ago

How watch dogs saved E3???
By showing how awesome it is at E3...duhhh

WeskerChildReborned3293d ago

Yea Watch Dogs was impressive at E3 but my personal favorite at E3 was The Last of Us demo. I'm just more excited cause that game we will actually be able to play soon while i think Watch Dogs will be for next gen cause it looks like that.

unchartedxplorer3293d ago

Yeah the last of us was my favourite too. :)

ichdich3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

This game has only graphics.
GTA V will be a better gameplay. im sure of it.

WeskerChildReborned3293d ago

Nothing could really compare with GTA cause it's in a genre of itself.

OooHJohnny3293d ago

E3 wasn't that bad... for PS3 owners...

haggishurler3293d ago

I have both consoles and ps3 won in terms of exclusives easily in my opinion.

Psychonaughty3293d ago

It was all about Halo 4 for me.

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