Blizzard to Impose Diablo 3 Game Creation Limits to Stop Bots

The Diablo 3 developer plans to enforce a secret cap on how many games players can make in a given time, which will hamper potential botters and RMT sellers who engage in such practice. Account owners who exceed the game creation limits will be given the message “Input limit reached” and will be prevented from making any more games.

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DaThreats3283d ago

They are full force here lately

ATi_Elite3283d ago

10 million plus Gamers have bought Diablo 3

Enough of the in game store crap. Time to release some DLC!!!

Activision seems to have corrupted Blizzard on this title.

Patriots_Pride3283d ago

Diablo 3 worst RPG ever...hell even Bastion felt more like an RPG than this crap.

yeahokchief3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Haha fuckers.

Have fun playing a game where they spend more time supporting their auction house than they do with the game itself.

Youre all tools. Keep supporting a game you complain about while it makes money off bots and makes your experience worse limiting them. lol. so funny how stupid you people are.

piggypig3282d ago

10 million? mmm is that latest sales figure out? source please.

Mounce3282d ago

Is the only time in my life, that I feel REGRET...Buying a game. Diablo 3 being that game. Bought the Collectors Edition, hoping that things would iron their way through and still be solid, of course I was wrong and it's been a steamroll of steamy shit in messes, hacks, complaints, bots, restrictions, communism-ideals from Blizzard and idiotic limitations and every fucking update they release is generally focusing on fixing the Auction house and not the game itself because the game still, is basically in Beta phase...

@yeahokchief I'm in a same boat of never wanting to support Blizzard and most of the fanboys whine bitch and moan but they STILL suck their cock, but no need to be rude almost to an indirect person or people. Focus the anger on a place or subject first!

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JsonHenry3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

And think! If they didn't include the stupid auction house most of this wouldn't be a real problem. But no, they had to take away stat building and replaced it by gear only so that they can try to make that little extra $$ on microtransactions.

Bimkoblerutso3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Not really an issue for honest players, but still ridiculous that it even needs to be put into effect given all the BS Blizzard has put it's consumers through to combat this kind of activity in the first place...

Somebody3283d ago

They are not actually eliminating the bots are they? They only limiting them to a certain number that regular players won't complain much and the botters still manage to make some money of it (and give Blizzard a cut).

adorie3283d ago

This is terrible. I am glad I put the game down after making my money back that I spent on it.

Their networks should have been built around transparency, what I mean is being able to tell who's doing what, with regards to breaking the ToS using Bots and such.

Jason1433283d ago

D3 is the biggest let down in gaming history.

yeahokchief3282d ago

Battlefield 3 on console for me. So bad.

Dead Space 3 is looking to be worse than RE5 too.

So many horrible games so little time to trash them all.

piggypig3282d ago

:P at least you don't encounter the disappointment in ME3 until the end and it is still a largely playable and enjoyable game. Can't say the same for D3 with its bug, server problems (even now, with all the lag and rubberbanding), exploits, bugs in RMAH that cause user to lose money and the horrible customer service which CANNOt (by their own admission) rectify the mistake and either reimburse or instate the lost money/items.

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The story is too old to be commented.