5 Game Restrictions That Changed Everything

"Before this generation greatly expanded the capabilities of consoles games, developers had to work around console restrictions if they wanted to publish a game. Even if they could have better graphics or design new areas, certain things had to be scrapped in order to finalize their game. "

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Nimblest-Assassin3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked

Gaming1013251d ago

lol How about when the 360's lack of hard drive and archaic dvd drive with hardly any space on it screwed up every multiplatform game of this generation! I'm sure Final Fantasy 13 hasn't escaped everyone's memory as of yet, nor several other games we probably haven't even considered given the horrible port job to PS3 that so many games are victims of these days.

Irishguy953251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Why are most multiplats better on 360? If 360 screwed them all up/

Oh that's right, blame the 360 for the Ps3 being hard to develop on(even Kojima agrees)

Gaming1013251d ago

It's about the porting process of trying to get a game to work that was designed with one architecture, to a system with a completely different architecture and set of developer tools.
And my point is valid - the 360 having no hard drive and DVD format limits it tremendously and thus limits all multiplatform games. Microsoft contracts it out where its version can NOT be noticeably worse than any other version, in case you hadn't read any of them.

vortis3251d ago

Same could be said of the PS3 to PC ports.

DC Universe was crap on PC compared to PS3 because it was frame-capped at 30fps and had terrible graphic options. So even on a big rig the game still ran like crap and had a lot of other sever limitations that inhibited its playability.

Both consoles have their drawbacks not just the 360.

_-EDMIX-_3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

A port doesn't hinder a game. A lack of space does.

Go take a look at how big PS2 games where last gen and how big 360 games are this gen.....there the same fucking size. LMFAO! How can you ask a developer to make a FF JUST like they made FFXII with the same space? OR any other game for that matter?

They don't. They have to scale back there games to fit 6.8gigs or 8.5gigs.

God Of War 1 and 2 used 7.8 gigs (DVD9, the same format being used on the 360)

Now, genius. How would they make God Of War III on 360....WITH THE SAME SPACE!? They either have to make sure its linear (ie if God Of war was an open world game, then it couldn't be for GOWIII, ie FFXII vs FFXIII or 2006's build of Alan Wake VS it being 360 exclusive and suddenly no longer open world...suprise, suprise) or make it multiple disk. Period. (mind you until 2011 its been LESS, they JUST of then took away a security feature that took up a gig. Its 7.8 NOW, it was 6.8 before so you would actually be telling them to make it bigger, better, in HD, WITH LESS SPACE)

it went from CD 600-800mb per disk to DVD to having 5.8gb per disk thats close to 6 times the size, and from that to Bluray, from 5.8gb or 6.8gb to about 25-50gbs more then 7 times the size, from PS1 to N64, it was OVER 12 TIMES the size (the real reason they beat the N64, FFVII could had NEVER been made on the N64 in its current state) I love the N64, but clearly the PS1's format was the real nail in that coffin. Format is tech, not matter how badly some may try to down play it. A games systems hardware really means nothing if it doesn't even have a format big enough to actually make it happen. "you got story bro....can i play GTA on it in HD?" lol.

I agree with you 100% on this. It comes down to both of those things. Kojima said it, Carmack Said it, Sam AND Dan Houser said it. I mean all people have to do is look up how big some of the last PS2 games where to know what fucked up this gen.

@Irishguy95- Cause the 360 is the lessor and games port from 360 to PS3 (the more powerful and having more space with Bluray to be ported to)...duh. PS3 being hard to develop for didn't some how make GTAIV the smallest and worst GTA and FFXIII one of the worst FF if not major Japanese RPG's to come out in some time....buddy it sucked BIG TIME! Small, no open world, no airships. IT was FF BY NAME ONLY!

_-EDMIX-_3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Heres a little knowledge to drop on some of you youngins. LOL.


Note how games get bigger every gen. (strange...could this be true...probably nothing. LOL)
(this happened in 2011) 6.8 to 7.8

Now GT4 used DVD9, theres a reason why Forza has NEVER been able to even go over GT4 in terms of car count. They have no space for such a thing, both are using the same format (or i should say Forza is using the same format as GT4 LOL) If thats not hindered i don't know what is. How what else do you think they had to strip from the game to even have it release the way it did?

GT5 has its car count as almost 2X as high because its using MORE SPACE! One would have to be a complete fucking idiot to some how deny that space has nothing to do with gaming. Do they just really think all this is a huge coincidence and some how everything can be explained without noting the lack of space or the lack of HDD in every 360?

Just to let you have an idea on how many games used 8gigs for PS2...PS2 people! LOL! This is the format that is being used to make "next gen" games. (in terms of space, before 2011 for 360 it was less then even that. 6.8gbs.)

This very site has a hand full of gamers that are at least smart enough to understand WHY GTAIV was, the mess it was. Hindered by DVD9.


Nope, I bet its all lies, Dan and Sam would never say such a thing. All those sites must be lying all together. LOL.


The game went from being on the N64, with SONY's format. Millions where spent making a demo to show Nintendo, Nintendo not only choose to not use Sony's format, they stayed with cartridges. Thus the Playstation Era started.

FFVII would no longer be on the N64, JUST based on Nintendo NOT having the format. Think again when you think format has nothing to do with gaming. FFVII WOULD HAD NEVER BEEN MADE (in terms of what it was on PS1) if there wasn't a format for it to be made on.

CD's have 800mb vs N64 cartridges which have 64mb.

So to all the (um i didn't notice a thing) slow pokes or to the (its the porting) idiots and to the (developers don't need the space) retards.

Are you telling me Square was going to just make a FFVII with 36 cartridges?

_-EDMIX-_3251d ago

N64 is what we got, but it was PS1 that changed that WHOLE generation and many to come. Games needed space to progress, and a bigger format added that in happening. N64 was a great system no doubt (one of my favorites of all time) but it doesn't change the fact that if it was JUST N64 gamers would had never known exactly what they where missing.

Its 1996 and Kojima has an idea about a 3D MGS game, its 1996 and Yamauchi has an idea about making a sim racer. Now if they needed the space, would it be deemed too much? Or would we say (oh they don't need the space...i played Daytona USA just fine)

This is why gamers don't really understand JUST how much this gen was gimped. They are looking at the games based on there own merit. Not last gens. Look at the space.

ALLWRONG3251d ago

Now the PS3 has a model with no HDD, bashing and defending the same thing = hypocrites.

MaxXAttaxX3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Except for PS3-lead games like FF13 performed better on PS3 because they weren't 360 ports.
Thought you guys would understand that pattern by now.

At first I thought that was totally unnecessary, but then a read what _-EDMIX-_ said and he makes a good point about space, CDs, cartridges and DVD9.

No one's defending the rumored PS3 with no HDD. But at least IF it's true, you can buy an HDD for cheaper. Cheaper than 360's proprietary HDD was and 5 times the memory.

3250d ago
MaxXAttaxX3250d ago

It is only one factor. One BIG factor, that is.
But Microsoft's law dictates both versions have to be equal. This has been mentioned above.

PersonMan3247d ago

@ALLWRONG: Where's this PS3 with no hard drive? Also, Blu-ray is plenty big enough to fit massive games on. Uncharted games use almost no hard drive space (except for DLC, patches and save games obviously) The whole entire single player campaign is streamed straight from the 1 disc.

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HammadTheBeast3251d ago

Republic City, is in your hands Avatar Korra.

Loved the old Avatar. And getting there with the new one. Too bad the live action movie was shit.

WeskerChildReborned3251d ago

That would suck in the future if they start selling Pokemon as DLC.

Nimblest-Assassin3251d ago

oh god... imagine

Bulbasaur is free, Squirtle is 5$ and charmander would be 10$

WeskerChildReborned3251d ago

Aha how much would a rare Pokemon be then?

Nimblest-Assassin3251d ago

Rares? What if they go the capcom route?

25$ for a shiny pack... get a 1% chance to find a shiny Zubat,Geodude, Magicarp and Tentacool

WeskerChildReborned3251d ago

Lol if it was $10 for a Charmander then i would assume a Pokemon like Lugia would be like $20 also i was thinkin they could sell Pokemon bundles if they were to do that.

DigitalHorror813250d ago

The end of videogaming as we know it.

GaryOak3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

It's Shigeki Morimoto,not Miyamoto.
Edit:Just noticed that this is my 100th comment. \o/

GaryOak3251d ago

I'll just leave this here then.

12345bnm3251d ago

LOL, they thought you were talking about Miyamoto.

DrRobotnik3251d ago

I think a noticeable restriction that changed everything was the way both the PS2's emotion chip and the PS3 cell processor's difficult programming architecture hindered some developers yet pushed others into actually utilizing their skills to create visually ground breaking games. Not to cut and paste the unreal engine like so many others.

_-EDMIX-_3251d ago

Yeah. It has nothing to do with were asking developers to make HD res games, bigger worlds, more detail, better AI, online MP, ALL with the same format used last gen.

Go out there and make a GTA using 6.8gigs...oh yeah the last gen's GTA used 5.2gigs. Knock your self out! LOL. Games are getting nerfed based on not having the space for them to be made with next gen graphics AND last gen features. Again...look at GTA and FF this gen compared to last gen.

FFXII to open world map to FFXIII no world map or airships etc.

From GTASA with a huge city and many features, to GTAIV will less features then GTAVC EVEN! and one of the smallest citys of the last 4 GTA games.

We are really seeing. 5.2 gigs to 6.8 gigs. Thats the reason why those changes are being made, they haven't the space to make the same game they did last gen with all the updated features such as graphics, AI, animations, voice overs etc. Its just not happening.

Everyone this gen is not just "having a hard time with Cell" LMFAO! That doesn't some how make your game shrink. LOL. Buddy...its DVD9's little format.

PS2 had games that used more space. Thats the fucking funny part. This gen was gimped by DVD9. Period. To say its anything else is to actually admit your stupidity and ignore gamings history in terms of formats.


Nexgensensation3250d ago

i wonder if limitations in this generation of consoles is the reason why I dont see a lot of action adventure games like demons souls and ratchet and clank.

I'm tired of shooting prisoners of war and zombie like things. I want to play in open world which i can explore. I want to slay demons and dragons. I want to level up and customize. I want a single player mode where the story demands players to buy the sequel....

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