Sequelitis and Game Sales: Are the Games We Want Always the Games We Need?

Most of us ask for innovation in our game selection. We want to feel like we're playing something new and creative instead of just saving the same princesses or killing the same zombies. Sports games are almost universally dismissed as the same old thing with shiny new packaging. So why is it that those boring old sequels sell so darn well?

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KreepyKritter3291d ago

The question posed by the title is an interesting one (even if it is totally stolen from The Dark Night). The question I would ask is 'Who is We?' Is 'we' the individual gamer or the gaming community as a whole? Because that changes the response dramatically, based on who is responding... of course, it's 4am, and I have a head full of bourbon, so I might be over-analyzing... ;)

majiebeast3291d ago

Why did the title remind of the end scene of the dark knight.

secretcode3291d ago

Awww. I was hoping this was another Sequelitis video from Egoraptor.

CommonSenseGamer3291d ago

Since when did need have anything to do with what we want? Its more a case of what we would like isn't always what we get.