Resident Evil 6: Capcom is Listening? Why These Enemies Aren't Zombies.

"Despite the fact that Capcom calls these new enemies zombies, old-school fans heartily disagree. I have to as well. A zombie doesn't carry a weapon, use teamwork, or move quickly regardless of how close they are. This could be a last ditch attempt to make old fans purchase the game, or at least keep their attention. Either way, diehard old-school fans probably won't look twice at this game even if Capcom promises to pull through."

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WeskerChildReborned3283d ago

They also said it will bring back survival horror but i still don't see it. I might check the demo out just to see if i'll like it but yea.

admiralvic3283d ago

A good percent of what I saw of Leons was survival horror. It ended with some action stuff, but it could very easily be highly SH based.

HarryMasonHerpderp3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

cheep scares,regenerative health and a lightning storm outside does not equal survival horror.How can you even get slightly immersed with that dumb arrow telling you where to go all the time? stuff like that annoys me it makes out that gamers are to stupid to figure out what to do.

jetlian3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

the health regenerates only within that bubble like resistance 1. Also you can turn off the location arrow

DarkBlood3283d ago

there was another article like this i read today mentioning about how they are zombies n stuff etc while i believe they are zombies with a twist to them i have doubt its even survivor horror

after doing a replay of all canon resident evil games (just finish watching degeneration yesterday and playing relevation today)

i find that being scared comes from ammo supply because after having

unlimited magnum revolver *re0*
gernade launcher glitch *remake*
ulimited machinegun *re2*
unlimited rocket launcher *re3*
if you have cheats *code veronica*
handcanon *re4* etc etc

once you get your hands on this i can be pretty sure it overides your fear factor i find as i grow older the awsome classics arent as scary as they used to be years ago when i was a kid either because i expect these things to happen or something

mostly what gets to me from them when i go back is the exploding jump out moments that i forget was there when i think im fully prepared for the suprised

after typing this i think im ready to go back to amnesia lol

Kratoscar20083283d ago

And so crapcom keeps insulting its fan base?

The point of zombies is seeing how they lost their humanity and reduced to mindless eating beasts, they just want to eat you no matter what while these new "zombies" cooperate because they whant to survive adn so they acknowledge they want to live and it stops to be a zombie.

RE 6 will sell well, but at what cost? Its identity.

Treian3283d ago

I doubt it will sell as well as RE5. The demo impressions were lack luster and people like me won't make the same mistake as getting RE5.

Kratoscar20083282d ago

I hope so Cashcom need a rough back to reality.

Patriots_Pride3283d ago

Those things in Resident Evil 5 were not zombies but people of bath salts.

Since when does a Zombie ride a dirt bike at 80 mph while his zombie friend on the back is aiming a rocket launcher at you.

Capcom y u no want my money no more :(

iNFAMOUZ13283d ago

it wasnt bath salts it was confirmed 3 days after that! yall are annoying

Patriots_Pride3282d ago

Sorry if I offended your choice of drug but I was not talking about the Miami cannibal.

lorcraven3283d ago

As a fighting game fan, I felt rejected by Capcom when they released SFXT, so the idea of Capcom actually listening and respecting their fan base is a bit too far fetched for me. From what I've seen of this game it looks like a shooter not a survival horror, which I find disappointing as fan of classic RE.

I plan to buy pre-owned to avoid giving Capcom money. (Out of spite more than anything, need to make up for the money I lost buying SFXT)

1Victor3283d ago

Good idea as much as I hate GameStop and the likes its a good way to stick it to them or just wait for the inevitable version 6 months later with all the dlc on it

1Victor3283d ago

No sale crapcom I like my zombies in mob size slow and dumb since R.E 3 it's been downhill for R.E. 4 was ok 5 was so so now 6is looking like garbage with zombies squads what's next flying super zombies like marvel zombies.

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