The Story Of How Kingdom Hearts Changed My Life

The Tyuno Project: "Hey everyone, my name is Tyuno the Great. I have been a fan of video games ever since the age of 8. Every since I got my hands on a Gameboy Color, my life have never been the same. As I grow, I begin to explore different game on different consoles. At the age of 12, I graduated to a big boy’s console known as the PlayStation 2. I have to say, the PS2 at the time was awesome. Even though I considered myself a Nintendo fan-boy, I enjoyed playing a Sony console. I play a lot of games on the PS2, but there was one game that would have a major impact in my life. That game is of course, kingdom Hearts. This is the story of how Kingdom Hearts changed my life."

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Capt-FuzzyPants3284d ago

This is the game that got me into games, without I probably never would have given FF a chance. I'd probably be like everyone else and be playing CoD. I'd probably be a completely different person. I played this when I was young so I think it helped shape who I am today.