1UP Previews: Devil May Cry 4

1UP writes:

"The DMC3 development team worked on DMC4. It may sound like a small thing, but DMC3 -- as flawed as it was -- at least put the franchise back in the right direction, ditching the bland soul collecting in favor of more high-octane action and combat. OK, so the camera angles, backtracking, unintuitive level design, and non-stop waves of enemies were a little O.T.T., but the team's collective head was in the right place."

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plexdk4374d ago

Hmm, drop in the bluetooth signal? That's a think i have never experienced with the ps3

Skerj4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

There should have been a spoiler warning in that preview for Vergil's sword, or maybe it was already revealed and I just didn't want to know. I could have also done without the Halo 3 reference, it's out of place. They should have just used Nevan as an example since it's relevant to the subject at hand.

I'll probably end up playing through the first few levels multiple times before progressing through the game so I can upgrade everything I possibly can before hitting the good stuff. I had Trickster to level 2 in DMC3, a full row of health, and the Shotgun/Rebellion/E&I before even fighting Cerberus.

Funny, most of their problems in DMC3 weren't a problem at all for me. In fact I thought the backtracking gave the game world a more cohesive feel. They're split into missions but you can still run all the way back to the areas from mission 7 to mission 3 and so forth. Besides it wasn't even a chore to move as such considering how fast and agile Dante was. I hope that's kept in DMC4.

In any case my main fear was that the combat wouldn't be as deep and kinetic as it was in DMC3, and I can honestly say fears officially freaking alleviated. Nero has a lot at his disposal with the Devil Bringer and the Exceed system, I can't wait to see what upgrades are in store and that's just Nero's side.

Not even going to forget they gave me the one thing I wanted most in the game for Dante, style switching!! It was the only thing I wish I had while playing DMC3 and Capcom answered it, Feb 8th hurry the hell up.

brooklyn1274374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

you know its true when an xbox360 site like admits it. It almost hurts them to admit it.They start going on force feed back while knowing the game has dual shock3 compatibility for the ps3 so thats not a factor.The wireless controller never drop of on me ever at least i don't have to worry about changing or looking for batteries for my controller when i'm playing the most important parts of the game.they are not the only site ( ( said it's better on the ps3 the truth always comes out.

Azures4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

the connection dropping is an issue thats exclusive to your control, and thats if you've dropped it enough times to jar it so much. don't penalize the ps3 for your own clumsy crap 1up.

likeaboss3024373d ago

Oh quit the fanboy crap. I've played both 360 and PS3 demo version on my Sony XBR4. They look pretty much the same with the 360 version coming in a little better being upscaled to 1080P by the system instead of the TV. However, I find playing DMC4 easier on the PS3 because I'm so used to playing the old games on PS2. They both look great and I honestly wouldn't mind having the game on either system. Everyone is a winer. I'll probably go 360 since currently I don't have a Dualshock 3 for my PS3 and to get the extra achivements for my Gamertag.

LeonSKennedy4Life4374d ago

"As flawed as it was"...


Are they drunk? DMC3 is the best action game ever created. Sure God of War II was epic...but DMC3 had a WAY better combo system...and I actually kept playing it after I beat it. The moves are so cool!

Kratos is BA, but Dante could still take him.

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