Xbox Live News with Pipper – July 28, 2012

The Poid Pipper is here with some important news regarding Xbox Live "Deals of the Week". Major Nelson has brought up the public's concerns, but will their voices be heard?

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masterabbott3285d ago

the pipper knows his shit!

sandman2243285d ago

Yeah, Xbox live gold is a joke. You pay for service to play online and you get a great choice of games to purchase. The downfall is you get ripped off twice. You pay to play online. Who does that? I'll tell you. No one does but microsoft. Also you get ripped of on the market place. Everything is over priced. I'll give Sony credit with psn+. They do take care of satisfying there customers. And for all u Xbox fanboys out there. I don't want to hear you get a better online service with Xbox. Stop living in denial. All you get is ripped off. Oh and you get party chat. That's the only thing they did right.

Colts4203285d ago

Can you talk to someone that isnt playing the same game with you yet on PSN ?Nope its because the service is shit .I had both consoles dont get mad because your $500 system cant even play Skyrim :)

Colts4203285d ago

They give out free games just to make it look like it is any good which it isn't it funny :)

sandman2243285d ago

Ok buddy just so you know where I'm comming from I also have a 360 slim and to be honest if I had to choose between ps3 or 360 I'd go with 360. My live membership expired yesterday and it bugs me that I have to spend 60 dollars to renew it. Also my ps3 cost me 250 ding dong. Also if you rely on party chat to speak with other people not playing the same game as you, you have a social problem and are in need of real friends or a woman. . If I want to chat with someone who isn't playing the same game I'll call them on my phone. I think it's shit that Microsoft is greedy and is the true reason why this generation of consoles have lasted this long.

Yours truely:
The Truth!!!!!!

vikingland13285d ago

A good deal is when both parties feel that they have bested the other party in some way. I have never had this feeling on any of XBL deals. I am sure MS allways gets this feeling. I am not hating but I am tired of not getting any real deals as a gold member.

GearSkiN3285d ago

Me too been an xbox live member for years MS needs better deal like psn + they give free games....

Colts4203285d ago

They get free games because the online is bad trust me :)I got like 5 free games when the whole network got hacked and credit card numbers got leaked :) Real professional :)