FTG Review: Orcs Must Die 2 (PC)

The flood of orcs that had overrun the kingdom has come to an end. The portals from which they came have been sealed, taking the source of magic in the world with them. Now that you’ve avenged the death of your master and confronted a crazy chick trying to murder you with an angry horde, what is there left to do? It’s time to grab a pickaxe and become a miner! Wait, what?! No! It’s time to kill some more orcs! Robot Entertainment is happy to oblige your thirst for other worldly blood by releasing the sequel to the fan favorite game of 2011, Orcs Must Die. Orcs Must Die 2 brings the same shooting, smashing, and exploding fun as the original. With a sequel arriving relatively soon after the pioneering twist on the tower defense genre, what new things could Robot possibly bring to the table? The answer to that question is more complex than you might think. Orcs Must Die 2 has almost all of the same elements of the first, but improves on areas that players of the first would know.

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