Weekly Skyrim Gallery [July 22nd - 28th]; Dinosaurs and Unicorns invade Bethesda's RPG

DSOGaming writes: "Today we bring you new images from the works of Skyrim modders dryna, basskimm, symplexity, AshokaTano, dirkduggler, AurianaValoria1, Fooortune, stac016, 83Willow, Berserkerkitten, bronze316, trustinall, VictoriaG, LSiwora, NeophyteBE, Shannonomnom, djh_, devona80 and Morrighan Acolyte. This time around, we concentrated on landscape shots, but the highlight of this week is undoubtedly the dinosaur and the unicorn shots."

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violents3285d ago

I fail too understand how people in the community can make this game look so good, yet bethesda cant.

violents3281d ago

you cant tell me the people in the modder communities have unlimited resoures. Most of them are just fans with time on thier hands and a mimimal programming experience. I'm sure some of the better mods are done by ppl with a higher level of experience. What i'm saying is if people have been doing this with nearly every game how is it that the devs cant look at what they are doing and release it in an official patch, i mean most of the work is already done for them, on top of that then they could include those things on a console version too.

CaptCalvin3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Did the modders have to create a concept, create a complete fictional universe with it's own deep and established history, code an engine, create a huge world, put together gameplay mechanics, write a main story, write a couple of hundreds of side stories, write a couple of hundreds of lore, model and texture/skin thousands of different assets, put it all together into a playable build, then playtest it for hunderds of hours fixing and tweaking all kinds of different elements, optimizing it for PC with its vast variety of hardware, and for PS3 and 360 with their vastly different architectures, putting together tools for people to mod their game, spend more time/money on public relations and advertising all under budget and time constraints?

Each of those screenshots you see are likely results of the game with several different creations installed from several different modders who probably spend days/weeks perfecting just a character model's face or tweaking the game's lighting. Also Bethesda can't just grab other people's creations off the internet and release them in their official patches because they'd profit from it and it's wrong at the same time why would there be a need to if you can already download it off the internet yourself? Also the modders make their mods with no consideration of the consoles so there is absolutely no guarantee that these mods will work on consoles in the first place.