Revisiting the Classic #1 - Super Castlevania IV

Some of us are gamers who have played many life changing games over the years. We hold the classics fondly in our hearts, and often talk of times when gaming used to be more entertaining and fulfilling This series is an attempt at revisiting some of those classic games we love, and seeing if they stand the test of time. The goal is not to determine if they were great games for their time, but to see if they stand as great games on their own merit today. Of course, as modern gamers we are spoiled by some amenities such as cutting edge graphics and sound, and tried and true game mechanics. It is my hope that some of the classics we hold dear will stand the test of time, and that developers can draw from and utilize some of the elements that made these games great. Without further ado, let us play through Super Castlevania IV...

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Castlevania the Super duper edition

TheSuperior 3284d ago

i miss it when games were like this it was so simple and cool lol

SheaHoff3284d ago

I had forgotten about the "Super" version....awesome

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