Kingdom Hearts history - One of gaming's most complicated stories explained

GamesRadar - Preparing to dive into Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance? Don't leave your home world without our spoilerific guide to Sora' Disneyfied quest.

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DivineAssault 3286d ago

Thats cuz the guys dont know if theyre girls & vice versa.. J/K, the first 2 games were a decent run through..

kingofe33286d ago

The story isn't complicated for me. Pretty straight forward if you stay with it, but I can see where people might get confused with the games releasing on multiple different platforms and all. The story is really engaging as soon as you understand it. My favorite story in the series is Birth By Sleep. I wish they just released three games (1, Re:CoM, and 2) as an HD Collection though, so the current generation can understand it more.

wishingW3L3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

This is why I don't like this site. Why make the article 52 pages with just 1 paragraph on each page? This is retarded!