13 current gen trends that badly need to die

OXM - We can't go on like this.

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-Mezzo-3288d ago


He's just a Voice Over Actor, why can't be go on into the Next-Gen with him.

Nimblest-Assassin3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Nolan North can never die... the dudes awesome

Gaming1013287d ago

I know right, who else is going to play Nathan Drake? Martin Short? lol

Sounds to me like the pasty weakling living in his parents' basement (as he alludes to but won't openly admit) wants to hate on everything this generation that makes publishers money, like:
- annualized sports releases (sports fans don't care, they just want their updated roster and slightly different or improved gameplay as evidenced by their huge consumption if every sports game every year)

- blockbuster games with lots of features (sometimes you need the change of pace, as long as it's fun)

- DLC for preorders (I never buy games brand new anyway, and most of the time all that stupid DLC is found up for sale on PSN or XBL anyway so who cares)

- horde mode (hey it worked for Gears 3 and a few other games that had their own version of it, sounds to me like the only people who hate on it are the ones who suck at it lol)

- gritty atmosphere (if it works for a war game and it sets the tone the devs want to set, then stop crying and go play Mario with bright and shiny colours)

- super/ultimate editions (these should really be DLC for those loyal who bought the original game, Capcom has been doing this since Street Fighter 2 and have been making tons of money off its fans when what Capcom should be doing is rewarding its loyal fans, but nonetheless, corporate greed wins over all else)

- Non analogue running (it worked in Gears and Mass Effect, makes the game more intense in those sprint moments, the camera shakes, you don't want that all the time as it would give you motion sickness over time or just drive you nuts as you're trying to aim - it would be really frustrating having to only nudge your analog stick in order to aim, that would drive me nuts more than anything)

- and of course sexism towards males (no one cares what the male protagonist looks like, whether he be an everyman like Nathan Drake or The Incredible Hulk, there's no guy out there who feels insecure about romping around a city with someone with a better physique than him - unless you're a ponce like the trolls writing for xbox websites)

- and sexism towards females (it seems women care about this the most, if you only think about a character based on their physique and not their actual character or abilities - that's on YOU, as it's all in the eye of the beholder; don't blame the devs just because that's all you can think about)

MaxXAttaxX3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

* Manual save points.
Still pretty useful for games with a lot of personalized progression aka RPGs.
Whether it's Dark Souls or Persona, I'd like the option to manually save when I see fit.
Options are good.

* Non-analogue running.
Sprinting can play a role in a game's mechanics.
But plenty of games have analogue walking/running anyway. If every game did this, then everyone will be running all over the place because it's easier and effortless to have the stick pushed all the way than only half way. So as long as it fits the gameplay.

* "Gritty" aesthetics.
More like "Unreal Engine" and its imitators. Well at least the site had the decency to mention Epic.
Point is, SOME games don't need this look. And some are ok.

* Pre-order DLC.
I'm ok with this as long as they're only early-unlocks which don't give players unfair advantages over others competitively at least.
Limited/Collector's Editions are a different subject because people actually pay more for those. As long as Batman:AC and ME3 aren't repeated.

* Horde Mode.
A.K.A. Survival Mode, which has existed for years before Epic changed its name.

* Super Ultimate/Hyper Editions.
Capcom's being doing it since Street Fighter II. The only difference now is that you can download the latest version for $15 instead of having to re-buy the game's latest version in physical form like back in the day.
But DLC costume and COLOR packs? F off Capcom!

* Dedicated Peripherals.
Agreed. But some of these games are aimed at kids. It's not like we're missing out on some major core games.

* Digital overpricing.
Agreed.... if that's your only option.

* Tick-box blockbuster thinking.
I see what you're saying.... yeah I kind of agree. It's not trying out new things that's the problem, it's implementing dumb out of place sequences.

* Nolan North.
The man is hired and he does his job as directed.
He has voice acted in more games than most people realize because you wouldn't be able to recognized him unless someone told you or read about it. He's a good voice actor.

* Annualisation.
For most major releases. Agreed.

* Sexism.

Psycho_PS3Truthh3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

The Image of the uncharted series will rise again on the PS4 in my predictions within the earth, I cannot wait to see what this legend will do on the next greatest console from the masters of console designing sony.

PoSTedUP3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

very well put. but im still taking your last bubble for talking like that.

daggertoes833288d ago

because hes nathan drake. look at the source. xbox are mad they didnt get uncharted.

daggertoes833288d ago

o.k .. i just read mikecosgrove comment. I guess i should read some comments before writing one that is pretty much the same comment. But hey , its true

Persistantthug3288d ago

That should be #1, as far as I'm concerned.

Christopher3287d ago

What a horrible list.

1. Manual saves -- Mostly done in RPGs and, seriously, not even required because I've yet to play a game that doesn't also have auto-saves. The fact is that you get both in many games. It's called player's choice, not damning the player for making poor choices or having to live with poor game design elements.

2. Non-analog run -- Actually, it is. There are games that allow you to move at a slow pace and up to walking. But, that space between center of analog to high point of analog is only about 5 milliliters long. That's not a lot of space for precision between crawl, walk, and run. And any accidental bump in the analog becomes a greater chance in failure in the game.

3. "Gritty" aesthetics -- more games this generation have had color than the past and maintained their realistic approach.

4. Bitty pre-order DLC -- first, most games come with two versions for sale (standard and CE or LE), not the six the author proclaims. Second, you take the huge leap off the cliff of possibility here by thinking that because DLC is sold in pre-orders that it will set a standard of selling whole chapter of the core game as pre-orders. That hasn't even become a standard when it comes to online passes. Don't go jumping the gun and creating unnecessary drama.

5. Horde mode -- Then don't play it if you don't like it. I don't play online in general, you don't see me saying that multiplayer should not be in games, do you?

6. Super/Ultimate/Hyper Editions -- Don't buy them. Problem solved.

7. Dedicated peripherals -- again, don't buy them. Doesn't hurt to have them for those who like them.

8. Digital over-pricing -- Then buy the hard copies. You seem to have a lot of issues with "choices" in this age of gaming. Choices you don't have to make or play.

9. Tick-box blockbuster thinking -- you do understanding that what you're saying is they should play it safe and not try to evolve gameplay at all. If they didn't try out these type of gameplay elements that don't do as well as others, they wouldn't be making the ones that work as well.

10. Nolan North - GTFO of here with that.

vortis3287d ago

Re no. 4: What do you mean two versions? There are at least four pre-order versions of a big game these days. There's a Best Buy edition, an Amazon edition a GameStop edition and then a special one sold directly from the publisher/distributor. You'd have to be living under a rock or stuck back in 2004 if you think there's only two pre-order editions. Off the top of my head DarkSiders 2, Call of Duty (pick one), Battlefield 3 and Resident Evil 6 come to mind.

Speaking of DLC...dude, an entire chapter was missing in Mass Effect 3, did we forget about "From Ashes" and the day-one/pre-order DLC? That sort of stuff needs to end ASAP. How about Asura's Wrath and paying for the ending separately? That's not unnecessary drama because if they get away with it they continue to do it.

Even Paradox Interactive admitted some of the day-one DLC/pre-order DLC is stripped from the game in that interview with Rock,Paper,Shotgun.

Christopher3287d ago

***There's a Best Buy edition, an Amazon edition a GameStop edition and then a special one sold directly from the publisher/distributor.***

Those aren't "editions" those are pre-order bonuses. If you don't pre-order, you don't get those. After pre-orders, there isn't that option. So, those aren't editions, those are just incentives to pre-order.

So, no, there aren't 'six' editions.

***Speaking of DLC...dude, an entire chapter was missing in Mass Effect 3, did we forget about "From Ashes" and the day-one/pre-order DLC?***

You also forgot Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City. Now, tell me, out of all the games we've had, how many have done that? CoD? BF3? GTA? Killzone? Skyrim?

It's not a prevalent issue and it's primarily tied to... online passes.

It's also debatable on the "From Ashes" portion being sold DLC considering you can experience the whole game, as intended, without the Prothean character.

vortis3286d ago

"you can experience the whole game, as intended, without the Prothean character."

That could be said for every secondary character in every single RPG. Heck, there were a lot of characters that could have been "DLC" for Final Fantasy VI because you could experience the "whole" game without them but it was the added experience that made it a whole experience. People even defended Asura's Wrath on this point saying the true ending wasn't necessary, even though it completely changes the entire outcome of the entire game's lore and story-arc. I don't see how it wasn't necessary.

"You also forgot Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City. Now, tell me, out of all the games we've had, how many have done that? CoD? BF3? GTA? Killzone? Skyrim?"

Bethesda and Rockstar haven't been known to pull that kind of stuff (yet) and Call of Duty and Battlefield have just started experimenting with that kind of thing (CoD Elite, BF Premium). We can expect to see more of that in upcoming iterations, there's already a pre-order bonuses for CoD to access special maps.

I still agree with the article that all these pre-order variations for different games is ridiculous. For multiplayer games it segments the community (Resident Evil 6) and for single player games like Dishonored it makes you feel like one version will give you less than the other if you don't pick the right one. Gamers should never have to choose like that when buying a game. The only thing I'm okay with as pre-order versions is skin-options or non-essential cosmetics. Game content should never be held for ransom if you don't pre-order the right version from the right distributor.

HarryMasonHerpderp3287d ago

This is a dumb list especially with the Nolan North dig.

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user54670073288d ago

Nolan North...REALLY

Oh it's an Xbox 360 website...that explains alot

HappyTrigger3288d ago

What does being an Xbox 360 website have to do with anything?

user54670073288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Most Successful Video Game Nolan North has been in....

Uncharted 2....

PS3 Exclusive

Put 2+2 together

If the 360 had a game up to Uncharted 2 standards with Nolan North as the main character, who's character in game was also praised like Nathan Drake then it would be a totaly differn't story and they wouldn't of included Nolan in this list.

PhantomTommy3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

@ MikeCosgrove

Uncharted 2 is the most successful Video Game Nolan North has been in? Might wanna check your facts there buddy.

I was blown away when I found out it was him doing Penguin in Arkham City, he was incredible in that role. I wish he'd do more stuff like that instead of just doing the Nathan Drake voice again and again.

MySwordIsHeavenly3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Uncharted 2 - 5.65 Million

Batman: Arkham City - 7 million (That is, however, a combined total of all three systems.)

Assassin's Creed II - 9 Million across all three platforms, also.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - 13.41 Million on the Xbox 360. 11.41 Million on the PS3.

Alright, PhantomTommy. You win. Lol.

JayD-1K3287d ago

Did it ever cross your mind that, he might be talking about how many awards a game has won?
i know the first thing that came to mind was sales......right!!

Swiftcricket3287d ago

If I didn't even realize he was in THAT many games he's doing a damn good job in my opinion. And the video game industry needs to hold on to the few good VOs they have. They aren't exactly known for having good ones.

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Xperia_ion3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I love it when people are called out for their trolling, they act all innocent and try to call you paranoid, cowardice.

Edit: already a disagree, seems I struck a nerve.

VanillaBear3288d ago

If you think someone voicing their opinion on something is trolling then I really would like to see your reaction to people who actually troll.

N4Gs user logic...

"If I disagree with your comment or have a differn't opinion to yours then it's trolling and your a troll"

coolbeans3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I don't mean to be pedantic, but technically Xperia didn't respond by saying he was a troll. He just thought it was cowardly for other users to yell trolling while acting as if they're innocent from doing it themselves.

As for the mention of Nolan North, it's a simple case of knocking another's success unfairly; however, it's just as unfair to call out fanboyism when the he's been in other series with excellent sales figures (AC anyone?)

HappyTrigger3288d ago

Voicing Nathan Drake in Uncharted has NOTHING to do with it AT ALL. Have you seen his track record with the amount of games he voiced in? It's almost in the hundreds.

OXM probably has a problem listening to him in almost every game. I for one have no problem with his voice in games.

Xperia_ion3288d ago

Hate on the man for making a living, my post wasn't met for you.

Godmars2903288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Should have picked a better lead-in than a popular VA.

Would say go with boobs, but since that's one of the article's issues as well...

I'll vote for it because I'm that sick of gritty realism in my games.

madjedi3288d ago

"I'll vote for it because I'm that sick of gritty realism in my games." Lets see i would rather have a little bit more gritty realism in may war games, then going back to halo 1's, everything has that nice new buffed epoxy shine to it.

Godmars2903287d ago

I don't have qualms about attempts at real realism in something like COD, but I'm more than sick and tired of having to observe the effects of real world physics in a surreal title. Of having nothing but 1st and 3rd perspective games.

WeskerChildReborned3288d ago

I didn't know Nolan North was a trend...

Anyway, i actually like Horde modes and not much games even have em.

--Onilink--3287d ago

well to be honest, he is showing up in an insane amount of games recently (and had already showed up in a lot before). Not there is an actual problem with that, but when you reach a point where every main character in your game is voiced by the same person, you will probably want to hear someone else, i guess thats kind of what they were implying in the article, that there are other talented voice actors besideds Nolan North

WeskerChildReborned3287d ago

You should tell Bethesda that with Skyrim. Seriously, i hear the same voice actors over and over again lol

Jreca3288d ago

I only agree in Digital over-pricing and a little bit on sexism.

If you don't like the others, just don't buy them. It's easy. Market is for everyone, the product not.

WeskerChildReborned3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Same here like for example, Resident Evil ORC, it is $50 in the PS store but for a physical copy it's only about $30.

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