PSN Goes Down Again For Many, Chucks Up Error Codes 8071053D and NP-2239-6

Yesterday saw the PSN partially taken down worldwide for another bout of maintenance that apparently did nothing. Today, the network seems to have gone down yet again for a number of unlucky users. - PSLS

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NastyLeftHook03288d ago

not mine, im online right now.

kneon3288d ago

I've been playing for the last 3 hours with no problems at all

gaffyh3288d ago

There was scheduled maintenance I think.

irepbtown3288d ago

Apart from the Playstation store playing around and not loading properly, it's working fine for me. I was playing COD4 a few hours ago and it was normal.

I live in England so maybe that's why. And even if it does go down, you can watch the Olympics.

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Persistantthug3288d ago

I left, and am back and it's 9pm....I'm good.

lilbrat233288d ago

Im playing right now as many of my friends so not sure wtf is going on for some :-/

WeskerChildReborned3289d ago

Luckily for me it hasn't gone down.
Sucks for those who can't get online though.

Patriots_Pride3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Same here..98% of the time I affected by the outages - must be because of my region.

Gazondaily3288d ago

Lol unlucky man. I feel your pain. Stuff like this happens to me too.

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Skate-AK3289d ago

Weird I am signed in no problem.

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The story is too old to be commented.