Class3 - More Details on Vehicles and Survival at Night

Sanya Weathers has answered some more fan questions about Class3, detailing cars, zombie behavior and survival at night.

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2736d ago
Laxman2736d ago

Super keen for this. Im loving the slew of similar Zombie games that have been getting announced in the wake of DayZ's popularity.

Wingsfan242735d ago

This game has been in development before DayZ even started.

Laxman2735d ago

Well in that case, im glad its getting the attention this sort of thing deserves. All of these games should do really well seeing as the popularity of it is extremely high right now.

Wingsfan242735d ago

It's really great to see developers finally expanding on zombies at least. Instead of just surviving waves and waves of em, they're giving us the open world + survival tactics we've been asking for, for years now.