CNN: Pretty Girls are Fake Gamers

You must be ugly to be a gamer?
Are you a gamer? Do you get annoyed when you are stereotyped by people that just assume that you are a geek, that is covered with pimples, a bit overweight and lives in their parents basement since you carry the title of a videogame player? I sure do and it's that blind arrogant mindset that can cause fights, rifts, seclusion and in the worst case senario, war.

There is always going to be people out there that just assume things or listen to what others say instead of finding out for themselves about a specific person, genre or topic. Obviously there are some cases that mandate a dislike, on the lines of Hitler or James Holmes. Those type of personalities that are made to hurt others deserve the company of misery and outcast, but when it comes to the topic of gaming or even more detailed, female gamers, cosplayers and boothbabes, there is even more of a gap of lost respect.

Don't judge me until you know me.

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