Unfortunately It’s Too Late for You to Play Journey the Way This Guy Played It

Kotaku - Have you ever wished you knew less about a video game before playing it? Commenter Sloopydrew played through ThatGameCompany's magnificent Journey twice before realizing he had missed an important bit of information.

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Christopher3285d ago

Because we just spoiled that bit of info for you. You can thank us later. Love, Kotaku.

coolbeans3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

It's been rumored that their commenters are just as clueless of what's actually happening in a game as the site is of what's happening around one.

I've reached out to them for confirmation.

Campy da Camper3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

It's not really a spoil. Besides, who really did not know those were real people? One guy (or girl) that was in my room just ran all over the place singing and jumping up a wall. Then back to me to run circles around me. that was either a real person or the DUMBEST AI ever.

Dir_en_grey3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

This message is not a personal attack towards Campy da Camper but I just want to say something cuz I think a lot of people feel like how you do.

Maybe the other player just wants you to go over and help each other to jump up that wall? You know you can help each other to jump higher right?
A lot of people just assume the other player is dumb because they themselves have no clue.
That's what I love about this game, it shows a different plain on how people interact with each other. Even at an anonymous setting where ppl can't send hate messages to each other, a lot of people still played selfishly and refuse to see what the other person is trying to communicate.
This is a video game that is ART. Art beside just the graphics and story.
Social Art at it's finest.

Edit: and we all need to vote Kotaku down cuz they always write these retarded articles to stealth troll.

kneon3285d ago

It can't be a spoiler since the developers told us long before the game released that you would play with other people.

How did anyone that had even heard of the game miss that?

Campy da Camper3285d ago

@dir yes I thought that too. But they just went spastic then took off
I was not implying the person was dumb rather the AI was if that is what it was lol
Besides the wall was a sheet cliff. No where to go. It was either a drunk person or a 2 year old eating the controller.

Jamzluminati3285d ago

Too bad I'm not into reading game news as I used to. Then again I've never had anything spoiled for me in video games anyway. Ignorance is BLISS!

G20WLY3284d ago

Kotaku really does suck. I know this sounds dumb, but would someone please let me know how to vote them down? I'm new to N4G. Thanks in advance!

Fed up with reading nonsense, then kicking myself as I notice the source!

On a happier note, I loved this game and that was the factor that made it so special; I would have missed some trophies were it not for my helpful companions :)

Knushwood Butt3284d ago

It's easy.

See the link above that says, 'Read Full Story'?

Well, underneath that, click on the link that says, ''. It will open a voting box.

From there, feel free to vote:

Story quality - WTF?
Do you like this web site? - No

TekoIie3284d ago

The thing is i havent played journey yet. Dont know a thing about it other than it apparently an amazing game!

Kotaku just spoiled my opportunity to play like that guy did.... never visiting their site again for that.

rezzah3284d ago

I didn't know that was a spoiler, I thought it was common knowledge.


hkgamer3284d ago

It was common knowledge for people who have read or saw anything about the game. Developers made it clear that the game was multi-player and that they were anonymous.
I don't think the developers ever wanted to keep it a secret, they probably didn't like having usernames over peoples head and useless voice/text chatting. they probably thought it was more fascinating by having you converse with others using actions only.

pixelsword3284d ago

@ cgoodno:

That's why I generally don't go to them...

jjb19813280d ago

Your site is hot garbage!

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Hellsvacancy3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )


I figured that from the first chapter, you know, that online agreement you have to agree to before continuing

Moby-Royale3285d ago

Lol somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Good morning to you, too.

Smh lol

cruncher_203285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

I guess sarcastic insults are not appreciate here :)

Fair enough..

Sorry about that !

In fact... I'm just getting old and grumpy !

DragonKnight3285d ago

Everyone, vote Kotaku down. They don't deserve a 3 star rating.

wishingW3L3285d ago

true that. Kotaku always writes the stupidest articles yet they have 3 stars!

WeskerChildReborned3285d ago

I'm not even sure if Kotaku does anything right -.-

Scarfy3285d ago

I thought everyone knew [that bit of information that was revealed]. I thought that that was the entire beauty of the game.

I found it charming the whole time I was playing. You even get subtle onscreen alerts to it (the white glows at the left and right-hand edges).

Really? He didn't know?

Lockon3285d ago

Well wow i didn't know that..Thats actually pretty cool!

Armyless3285d ago

This isn't meant to be a jerk question, but did you play the game?

Lockon3285d ago

Yeah but i didn't beat it. I think i stopped at the last level.

kingdavid3284d ago

I didnt even know there were "levels" in the game....

Lockon3284d ago

Wow you guys seriously think i never played journey and you think im trolling because i never finished the game? "I didnt know there were levels in the game" Give me a freaking break, but thats N4G for you.

kingdavid3284d ago

We'll give you a break when you give us a "freakin break".

Stop with the "freaking" trolling already.

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