There Was a Nintendo 3DS In the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony For Some Reason

Kotaku - The opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic Summer Games had their share of surprises, but we certainly weren't expecting to see a Nintendo 3DS among them. Get off the stoop, young man, and go do some sports!

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extermin8or3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Hmm their Idea with ARM would make sense but basically all mobile processors are based off ARM chips, and I believe the vita has an AMD chipset; another english company it's probably just because it's recognised as more of a kids toy :p

bintarok3287d ago

Any AMD link?
Dual screen setup may appears fancy and all to sing along the lavish ceremony. Not necessarily because of 3DS popularity.

MasterCornholio3287d ago

"CPU: ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4 core)"


browngamer413287d ago

Maybe, and stop me if I'm wrong here, it's a pretty popular device? They also had cellphones and other electronics during that part of the show but I don't see everybody flipping out about that..

TekoIie3287d ago

Maybe and stop me if im going to far here. This could possibly be the most insignificant article posted on N4G!

Xperia_ion3287d ago

China owned England, my family couldn't stfu about how boring it was.

mushroomwig3287d ago

Personally I can't stand it how people are comparing both ceremonies. Maybe you should explain to your family that both GREAT BRITAIN (not England) and China were telling two different stories for their ceremony.

Both had their good moments and bad moments, I liked both equally.

TekoIie3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

It means a lot to your own country. Btw i refused to watch the last Olympics because of the horrible things that happened to innocent people to make it happen in Beijing. It was proof China cared more about its worldwide status compared to its populations lives (not that every government doesn't have a few horrible people).

The London opening ceremony had me thinking "WTF?" a few times at the crazy things they had and nearly made me laugh!

Salamander3287d ago

OMG... thats just racist.

DivineAssault 3287d ago

lol no i didnt mean it like that.. Funny but no

Salamander3287d ago

MUAHAHA.. I know, im just messing with ya.

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