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"Going into this game I wanted to have an extremely open mind, and not think of that other game. You know that other game everyone keeps saying this game is a rip off of, Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL. Anyway, so this beta just came out and they have six characters to choose from. Kratos, Parappa, Fat Princess, Sweet Tooth, Radec and Sly Cooper. I tried out all six of them and will tell you my thoughts on each of them"

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homer3294d ago

Just got a beta key, but the game kept saying connection error...

mafiahajeri3294d ago

Where'd you get w betw key from!?

homer3294d ago

They emailed it to me. I don't remember ever signing up for anything to get it, but they sent me one anyways.

TheFirstClassic3294d ago

Pretty sure you have to have ps+ to be eligible.

Reggonoy3294d ago

You're wrong cpayne93. You do not need to be a PS+ member. I just got my beta invite on Thursday and I have never subscribed to PS+.

victoryscreeeeeech3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

From what I'm hearing is that the only thing similar to this and smash bros is the presentation. The gameplay appears entirely different. Looks like a great game. I can't wait for this and the next smash bros

PS3gamer4life3294d ago

how do get the beta key please tel me?

Emilio_Estevez3294d ago

Sounds like it played well, but needs some touch ups.

-Gespenst-3294d ago

I've been thinking about it and I kind of wish they hadn't used SSB as a sort of template but rather Power Stone. Not enough games like Power Stone and Allstars probably wouldn't have received such outrage for modelling off of it.

smashcrashbash3294d ago

Despite Power Stone being a good game it's camera angles were not exactly user friendly. It made it hard to know if you had the person in your sites or if you were even in line with the person you were trying to hit. Also things like Sweet Tooth's Robot form wouldn't fit very well in the arena

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