IGN PlayStation Talks About the PS All-Stars Beta

IGN - Without getting too specific, let's just say that the beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is currently underway. Did you get in?

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-Alpha3288d ago

Damn Superbot, release a collectors edition with those amazing action figures/plushies!

user54670073288d ago

Well I think the Cole and Nathan statue are the ones from the Collectos Editions of inFAMOUS 2 and Uncharted 3

Although I would like to see a Halo Legendary type figure in a Playstation All Star Collectors Edition with all the characters on, fighting one another.

AusRogo3288d ago

That would be sweet! But I bet it would be super limited for that statue

WeskerChildReborned3288d ago

Man i really wanan play the beta.
Anyone got extra codes lol?

Paranoidplayer243288d ago

You guys you can get the beta for only 15 bucks. Make a fake hong kong account then go to and buy a 15 dollar hk psn card they will email you the code. Then put it in on your hk account and get ps+ for a month and bam you can get the beta. Worked for me. And is totally worth it

AgreeFairy3288d ago

lol @ paying for betas

What is this, Skyrim?


What the hell was the point of this video?

HebrewHammer3288d ago

Playing with dolls is considered "news" on IGN.

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