MS has been talking to Blu-ray all along

Xbox marketing bigwig Jeff Bell says Microsoft has been talking to Blu-ray about the possibility of a partnership all along. He was speaking about Warner Bros.'s recent decision to exclusively pick the Sony-championed disc format, and did not rule out the possibility MS will adopt it at some point in the future.

"We've been talking to Blu-ray all along because we have the best piece of software in the business, called HDi. It is the backbone that powers interactivity in HD-DVD and we have that available to potentially partner with others," Jeff Bell told 1UP.

"You never say never. I think we'd like to see how things evolve. Our commitment, however, to HD-DVD is profound and consistent, and we have done very, very well in term of our accessory sales."

Microsoft still counts Universal, Paramount and DreamWorks among the supporters for HD-DVD, and Warner Bros. continues to be one of the largest contributors to its IPTV service.

Interestingly Bell also highlighted the relationship between Microsoft and Sony, as its rival uses Windows software on its laptops and what not. They do more talking than you might expect. Bell calls it "coopetition".

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The_Engineer4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )


as far as VAOIs using a windows OS, Sony isn't stupid now. They will use the OS that has the market share. Just like when they went to Nintendo with plans for a console design and the idiots backed out on them. This shows Sony is not a greedy corporation in the sense that they will share the wealth with others in order to bring a superior product to the table.

SlippyMadFrog4377d ago

You are a very misguided soul. You are so far up Sony's ass you can't see daylight.

All companies are greedy. Every single one. It's all about making sherholders happy, the company will make the maximum amount of money that they can.

"They will use the OS that has the market share"
Precisely!! because they can't make money with something else. Microsoft is going to do the same with HD formats. Whichever one wins, they will support at the end. Believe me, Sony would have done the same if Blu-Ray lost.

The_Engineer4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

wasn't stupid enough to compete in the OS market, which is the same as MS competing in the console market.

ravinash4377d ago

This shouldn't be any surprise.
We already know Sony will work with another company in one field when its competing with the same company in another.
It proved that with Toshiba when it worked with it when making developing the Cell and at the same time competing with HD media.
Yes Sony is in it to make a profit like any other company, but its business practices are more to work with other companies to make a better product in turn make a profit.
Its better than pulling the rug out from under the consumers feet by trying to destroy the competition.

godofthunder104377d ago

i can't belive how far most ps3 fans have their heads up sonys ass.they honestly belive that sony isn't greedy like all the other companies.
i'm tired of hearing how microsoft have to eat their words and go begging to sony so they could use the br drive.hell microsoft doesn't need sony,they just could just keep doing what they been doing for years and that's software but sony needs microsoft because without microsoft sony would be up a creek without a paddle because they use a lot of microsoft software and that's a fact.
ps3 fans fail to understand that sony doesn't even own %50 of br,hell they have hundreds of investers.i bet that know one knows who owns dvds because there isn't a word on the dvds saying a company name because the dvds is just like br,dvds had 100s of investers just like sony.hell i think it was tishiba that was the main company pushing it because they had the names and connections unlike the other investers,but they just couldn't do what they wanted to with dvds because the other investers had a say so in it to and br is the same damn is the main company pushing it and it looks like they own a %100 of it but the truth is that sony couldn't do what they wanted with br with out having a meeting with the other investers and the people that think sony own %100 of br need to get their heads checked.
ps3 fans that think that microsoft need to go begging to sony to use their br drives are crazy,hell microsoft could buy sony without even making a game system,hell all they did before the 360 was software and they were still bigger then's sony that need microsoft,if all the ps3 fanboys stop being bias for one minute and use their heads they will see that microsoft never needed sony for any thing but sony need microsoft because they use a lot of microsoft software in their computers and other electronic products and that's a fact.
if ps3 fans still doesn't belive what i'm saying i like to challenge them to name one product that microsoft needed sony for before the 360 and i want them to name all the products that sony have 1 or more software that came from microsoft and the facts will show that i'm speaking the truth.
instead of being childish like the majority of gamers i'll admit the truth,hell i'm not going to lie about one console or company because i like the other company or own the other game system.
hell i hate sony and i will never own a ps3 because i buy american as much as i can because i support my country but i'll admit that the ps3 is a damn good system and more dependable then the 360 but ps3 fans need to remember that the 1st ps had a defect rate around %25 to %26 when it first came out,hell i'm not saying that every one had a problem with their ps hell i had a 360 since launch and i never had 1 problem with it yet but what it's means is that 25 to 26 out of 100 ps had a defected drive and 30 to 32 out of 100 360 had a defect and that's a fact all ps3 fans have to do is check up on it and they will see,hell sony tried to deny it at first but they admitted the truth later because they had to many people complaning about the ps.

The_Engineer4377d ago

all corporations are, what Im talking about is WHAT TYPE of greed, if it's the type that stifles innovation because you won't collaborate with others then that is not something Sony is guilty of. They look to push the envelope with others or by themselves if they have to.

BrianC62344377d ago

I hope Microsoft isn't dumb enough to add a Blu-ray add-on like they did with the HD DVD add-on. That thing was a waste of money and a Blu-ray drive would be too. It won't help with games so why bother? Anyone wanting a Blu-ray player and owning a 360 would be better off with a seperate Blu-ray player.

Oh, wait. Now I see. Microsoft might be afraid that 360 owners would buy a PS3 as their Blu-ray player. Now it might make sense if that's what they think. But the add-on would have to be cheap. Meaning Microsoft would have to sell them at a loss.

IntelligentAj4377d ago

You sir must be out of your mind if you think MS is bigger than Sony. You do know they make all types of different electronics right? And they're 1st or 2nd in most of those markets right? Damn friggin idiots... think before you speak out your a$$

Skizelli4377d ago

If you're going to make a claim, followed by childish insults, at least have the facts to back it up. By the way, you're wrong.

WilliamRLBaker4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

but its a better company;)
but skiz we do have to disagree with you on that.

sony really is a bigger company.

Skizelli4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Sorry, but Wikipedia is hardly a reliable source of information. I'd trust Forbes more than Wikipedia. Come back when you find a better source. And by the way, I'm neither pro M$ or pro Sony. I'm merely pointing out that the child that started this argument is wrong. Sure, Sony is bigger in terms of employees. But compare market values: M$'s 275.85 (billion) opposed to Sony's 52.14, according to Big difference.

drewdrakes4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

IntelligentAj - You do know that Microsoft has enough money and power to go and compete in every single market Sony is in right? They could do this on a whim, and wouldnt take a second thought about it.

IntelligentAj4376d ago

First and foremost I was going by revenue reports for 2007. And wikipedia is a valuable source of info if you actually care to look at the references where the info came from. Secondly MS has the money to compete in any market but that doesn't mean they'll do it effectively. Granted no one(here's looking at you apple) will take away their PC dominance, but the Zune(great product btw) is a great example of just how far money alone can get you when you enter a market late with an established frontrunner. And lastly what determines which is a bigger company? I would say revenues and the range of products are a better indicator of company size than Market Cap. Hell you can even go with the most common definition and say it's bigger because it has more employees. Closing point: MS is worth more money than Sony but that doesn't in any way mean it's a bigger company.

captainjy4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

IntelligentAj, you are seriously unintelligent and misinformed. MS can buy Sony ten fold. MS has 90% of the PC market, is in gaming, drving, phone and just about any other device in the market. And as for them working with Blu-Ray, good for them. Obviously this is smart business.

IntelligentAj4376d ago

How am I unitelligent and misinformed. Looking at your previous posts, I think i'm much more intelligent than you especially in my comments. Secondly MS can't buy Sony ten times over. What the hell are you talking about. What are you basing that statement on? And I see you didn't disagree with anything else in my post. What you think because MS has a bigger Market Cap it can take over Sony? Come on man be serious. MS Doesn't have that much cash on hand(Lat I heard 20-30 billion maybe less) and Sony's stock trades higher than MS 46.95 to 32.72.(Stock quotes don't mean much but just figured I'd add them just for reference)

Skizelli4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

All the fangirls can disagree all you want, but this whole argument is pretty stupid. Why you decided to argue about which company is bigger in the first place is beyond me. Something to prove, perhaps? Regardless, we're both right in a sense. Who really cares, though? If you're going to argue about something, try doing it intelligently next time, and without childish insults. Hell, and preferably without using Wikipedia as a "reliable" source. Sorry, but there are things on those pages that have no source.

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mighty_douche4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

Anyone surprised?

A company as large as M$ cover ALL their bases.

Capt CHAOS4377d ago

I bet they went HDDVD, for two reasons..
a) To smack a few punches on the PS3
b) Because it probably worked out alot cheaper for them..

gaffyh4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

So basically MS marketed a HD-DVD drive and poor xbox owners that bought are hung out to dry, because they were talking to blu-ray as well. If I had bought a HD-DVD drive for my 360, I would be even more pissed now(obviously being pissed before due to Warner stuff).

Basically MS gave up on HD-DVD from the beginning and sold HD-DVD drives for profit to some poor saps

THE_JUDGE4376d ago

it though. They try to act like they don't care when they know they'll look like an ass when BD does eventually win.

moujahed4377d ago

Their smart... if they try and compete ( which they already did ) it would've ended with they're defeat. Now their trying to link up, they still lose... but not entirely.

Maddens Raiders4377d ago

I hope that humble pie tastes good. Just thought that MS would never acquire a taste for it. They should've been talking to Sony too, in order to find out how to build a stable console. Oh well.....The future is blu.

The_Engineer4377d ago

they would have provided a stable of developers for the PS3 and made a boatload on software, since after all "we are the software company in this race". Instead they try to eat the whole pie and end up with diarreah.

v1c1ous4377d ago

why cant MS have a slice?

THE_JUDGE4376d ago

MS may have one the first year battle but the war is far from over.