Ouya Gets OnLive Support, But Is It Enough?

The highly-anticipated Ouya gaming console got some high-profile backing on Friday: OnLive announced that it will offer its on-demand gaming service on the $99 Android-powered console when it launches in 2013.

Having OnLive on the Ouya console will give users access to hundreds of games when the console launches. Familiar OnLive features, such as the ability to continue games across multiple supported devices, will also be available, according to OnLive's blog post.

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ddurand13283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

if it were advertised with unlimited resources it could be successful.

that wont happen though. so its not going to do that well.

WeskerChildReborned3283d ago

I'm waiting to see if i'm gonna like it but it's good news that it's partnered with Onlive. I just hope that the free games won't be cheap copies of games that already came out.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3283d ago

It's a much better deal than having the onlive console. They both cost $99 but the ouya has more functions plus it has onlive integrated. If anyone is thinking of buying the onlive console they should reconsider and get the best of both worlds i think.

WeskerChildReborned3283d ago

Yea agreed, it seems like it will be a better deal for both.

Summons753283d ago

like the expression "two wrongs don't make a right"; two terrible things do not make a good thing

ninjahunter3283d ago

The thing is it doesnt really have to do well, dont they have something like a 5 million dollar reserve now? If their selling for a profit in logical world, then i really dont see a reason they wont succeed, i mean its not like its expensive. You get a shitload of 'free' games when you get it and access to onlive. If you have a job, there isnt much reason not to buy it.

cleft53283d ago

All they need to do is fulfill the original console orders that the people from the kickstarter purchased and then they are 100% in the clear to pocket the $5 million dollars. A great scam really and now it is likely to be possible because they can use the Onlive distribution and console development network. I hope the Onlive guys are getting some cash out of this whole deal anyways.

3283d ago
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