Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD (XBLA) Review By Canadian Online Gamers

Canadian Online Gamers - "The impact of the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater game is evidenced by no less than 13 direct sequels since the original game was released back in 1999. We have also seen its influence in creating other, all-new series such as SSX. Over the years there have been several attempts at refreshing the franchise, including trying other tings such things as motion controls and peripheral skateboard controllers. I will always be fondest of the original game and thought getting the chance to relive its past glories with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD (THPS HD) would be a fun walk down nostalgia lane. Turns out it was not as fun as I remembered."

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jaymart2k3288d ago

Note even gonna read it only cause I see 50/100 & already know this is a joke.

This game is easily a 90/100.

jaymart2k3288d ago

I bet that disagree is from the site review,lol