Gaming Steve Review: Burnout Paradise

"Burnout Paradise is an intriguing experiment all in all then, that at often times works, yet just as often fails. In addition to the plethora of negatives outlined (in the review), a series of smaller annoyances like the lack of an instant 'retry' option, the removal of the ever enjoyable 'Crash' mode, and the inability to turn off the god-forsaken 'takedown' cam continually grate, all culminating in far from the nutso racing classic some might have been expecting. There's no denying though, that in its first few hours alone, it's one hell of a spectacular ride, and with a server full of pals, there's no multiplayer game quite so original... nor so god damn hilarious."

Pluses: Traditional Burnout car-bashing antics prove just as fun as you'd hope, while flawless graphics with a seldom-faltering 60 FPS render 'em better than ever before. Amazing multiplayer modes provide plenty of longevity.

Minuses: Single player challenges lack variety, while the city feels small after just an hour or two of exploring. No instant retry on the events can be frustrating, as can the reliance on a mini-map for one so fast-paced.

Final Verdict: 7.5 Rent It!

Review by Matt Robinson

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