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Aside from delivering an enjoyably cinematic single-player experience, Max Payne 3 also manages to offer an addictive, enthralling, and outstanding online multiplayer component. This mode ensures that players have something to do long after they've cleared the campaign, and it's so well designed that it doesn't feel like an afterthought at all. So it makes sense that Rockstar Games would want to keep supporting such a mode with post-launch DLC.

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TheSanchezDavid3285d ago

This DLC features some of the best maps in the entire game. Sadly, everyone keeps voting for Branco HQ during the pre-match voting sequence. Geez!

ab5olut10n3285d ago

I'd like to see some story DLC, maybe some more flashbacks?

TheSanchezDavid3285d ago

The flashbacks were some of my favorite sequences in the game. They had the dark, gritty vibe that I loved about the first two games. That would definitely be great.

FarCryLover1823285d ago

I'm ready for the new York minute co-op DLC.

TheSanchezDavid3285d ago

Same here. Really intrigued to see how that will play out!

spike3285d ago

I purchased the Rockstar pass but how do I get the maps. Do I have to download them or what

TheSanchezDavid3285d ago

That's correct. You need to download the new content right through the game itself. Everything should be unlocked for you to download it.