GATT: Kung Fu Strike Is Strangely Addicting

Gatt - GamerX: Every once in a while there comes a game that is so low radar most don’t even know what it is. This was my initial reaction when e-mailed a code for Kung Fu Strike from 7sixty. I hadn’t heard anything on development as I had gotten no previous press releases but I figured, “Hey what the heck lets give it a go.” Though I played the game on PC, being it’s an XNA game it was designed for 360 and the XBLA, so with full controller support, the game is very appealing. After playing through the game, I realized something – I didn’t even know how fast time was passing while playing it! And that’s when I knew I had one of those rare games on my hand that just gets everything right for what it is.

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Somebody3288d ago

I bought this game out of whim and it's really is pretty addictive. Although you really need to use an X box controller (I used a Razer Onza) to really enjoy it since there's no ingame options to change any of the controls.

jetlian3287d ago

man I hope it hits 360 soon My pc cant play this