Final Fantasy XIII-2, The Game That Should Have Been A Chrono Trigger Sequel

GATT GamerX:After getting a PS3 shortly after I got my PSVita [note: this is my 9th PS3, its a love hate thing] I decided to pick up all the games I missed in between times from my last PS3 till now. I had a God of War Marathon, Sly Coper HD, Uncharted 3, and tons more I finally got to Final Fantasy XIII-2 which I dreaded opening as I didn’t particularly like nor understand XIII. Upon loading up the game, I could tell that Square had improved their graphical engine a bit, as well as changed the system to two party members, plus a monster you can control / level / collect. The game seemed totally different from it’s forefather.

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kingdavid3295d ago

But chrono cross is a chrono trigger sequel........................ ...................

gaffyh3294d ago

Lol, but true.

Also, what kind of idiot gets rid of his console 8 times??!? Unless you've had 8 PS3s YLOD on you, it's just stupid from a every perspective to keep selling and buying PS3s. (I would also say the same about every other console).

NewMonday3294d ago

Very True about it being more like a CT sequel, was thinking exactly the same thing as I played it.

In fact it is more like it than Chrono Cross that was about dimensional travel between just 2 timlines.

If they just made the time travil smooth and un-confusing in FFXIII2 it would have become a great game, instead I quit.

Treian3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

13-2 improved everything over 13..... He loved 13-2 and he is

Moby-Royale3295d ago

I'm about an hour and a half into my first playthrough of Chrono Trigger. I really like how the battle menu is set up.

I am grateful that I waited until now to play it.

I played FF VII for the first time in January. It was literally an epic, and I don't use that word often, if ever.

At twenty-three years old I am finally experiencing these much talked about games. And I am loving it.

Treian3295d ago

FF7 is good, but over rated. There are a lot of other good FFs besides 7...

Xanatos3295d ago

FF7 is a great game, as great if not greater than FF6 which the "cool kids" claim is the best just because its old school or whatever reason.

FF7 improved everything good about ff6, materia system is a better system than the espers, the story is a lot better than ff6 i just dont get why people say ff6s story is that much better. If you want to call Sephiroth a cliched villain well Kefca is not very original either, i can go on but you get the point.

JoySticksFTW3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Some fans state FFVI is better because it has arguably has the best story, characters, pacing, soundtrack and villain.

It's all opinion though.

I happen to think FFVI really gets the edge with every character's special techs (not just weapons) that made them all unique.

Cyan had build-up, risk vs reward sword techs,
Gau rode off with beasts to learn their skills,
Edgar could turn into a chainsaw wielding maniac with his tools tech,
Sabin actually did Street Fighter controller motions for his attacks!

Each character played differently (unless you spammed magic - booo).

And Sephiroth's villainous feats pale when compared to Kefka's, who's like the Joker of FF.

Seph tried to break the world, Kefka succeeded!

Kefka had cults worshipping him as a god. He made the world so horrible, twisted, hopeless and empty with death, people were committing suicide including one main character who was pissed that she was nursed back to health.

Pretty extreme right there, especially for a SNES game.

FFVI appreciation doesn't take away from FFVII, which is a masterpiece also.

Moby-Royale3294d ago

You say that as if I said otherwise...

Don't put words in my mouth.

No, VII is not over rated. Just because it may not be your favorite doesn't magically make it "over rated". Smh lol

NewMonday3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

FF6 IS the best one in everything minus graphics, it had the best characters in gameplay and story.

I wish they could do a remake so the younger gamers can experience it, it will blow you away

Edit: @joysticks

Spot on, another great thing is the deepe accessory system , a great combination is the key to doing the greatest damage, consecutive 9999 hits in just one move

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NukaCola3295d ago

Glad you are getting to experience Chrono Trigger. It's an amazing game with an amazing story and one of the best battle systems I have ever played. Also Guardia Castle has one of the most epic (still being a midi file) songs I have ever heard. I would love if Video Games Live represented that with a full orchestra.

Kratoscar20083294d ago

Good for you, because its hard and more in this generation for a player to apreciate the old gems witouth being spoiled by shiny graphics and VA.

7 and 6 are both good, the entire FF series is overrated.

Moby-Royale3294d ago

I agree that too often people don't appreciate things like that. Hell, too many people take what we have NOW for granted. There is no way they could enjoy a game like Chrono Trigger.

I cherish everything that a have in my life. Including something as trivial as a video game.

I think these "impossible to please" people are never satisfied with anything in their life. Which must be miserable for them.

Infernostew3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

When you're done with Chrono Trigger play Xenogears!

Xanatos3294d ago

@ JoySticksFTW
I agree with those points ff6 was a great game, its just irritating how people dismiss ff7 just because it went mainstream. Most of these people didn't even experience the game when it was new, they don't understand that back then there was nothing like it on the market.

I was a n64 fanboy till i saw my friend unbox ff7 and start playing it, i was completely blown away. I sold my n64 kept my gold edition ocarina of time(only game i loved on the thing) got myself a ps1 and never looked back, that was it with me and Nintendo. People expect to play ff7 in an emulator these days and be blown away, that's like watching Jurassic Park nowadays and expecting the groundbreaking Cg AT THE TIME! To impress you.

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Magic_Spatula3295d ago

Probably sold and re-purchased PS3s like my brother (he's on his 5th PS3). My bro claims that there's nothing to play on the PS3, and I'm like, of course there's nothing to play on it..... for you. All he ever plays is League of Legends and the occasional CoD and fighting games.

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