Can I Get a Pulse?

Joystiq: "The fact that such a binary choice can't make it out from behind the industry's ultra-starched curtain of secrecy is baffling – and becomes gradually less so the more times you see it happen. Either Versus is canceled, meaning we can all move on and pray that someone else makes a game about a young, androgynous guy with magical swords, or it's still in development, which is important news for people hoping to purchase it somewhere down the line. There's always lag and confusion between different parts of a company, only one of which is allowed to speak with true authority, but checking a pulse should be more primal than this."

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stonecold33295d ago

better be at tokyo game show running on ps3 and a release date wouuld be great

iamtehpwn3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

You can definitely get a Pulse...And a Cocoon alongside it...Especially if XIII-3 is real as speculation suggests.

But as far as Noctis' story goes, being patient sure is hard.

WeskerChildReborned3293d ago

I'm not really a die hard fan of Final Fantasy but Versus XIII just makes me want to actually give it a chance.

Xperia_ion3293d ago

Give me back airships and cars.

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