X06 information revealed?

Only a day away from X06, is it possible the lid has been lifted as to what is going up on the Marketplace and what will be in Barcelona? If the neoseeker forums get this right, it could possibly be the greatest event this year!

(Please bear in mind when reading the post that everything is rumoured at the moment. We won't know until it all actually happens over the next few days as to what is true or not.)

shotty6450d ago

Someone better sneak in a video of Halo 3 in action.

Sphinx6450d ago

...but it would be really sweet.
On a different note, have you gotten your hands on a Vision Camera? I can't find them anywhere?!

shotty6450d ago

Im going to get the camera when 1 year subscription expires in march. You know the Gold vision bundle. You basically get the camera free.

Captain Tuttle6450d ago

Free Demos are always a good thing.

Phenom196450d ago

50-64 players would be crazy, i would love to play ctf and loading vehicles with that many players

General6450d ago

Driving about in a extremely detailed Warthog...Imagine it!

Marriot VP6450d ago

All I can say is, 16 person was incredible, but if your gonna have 32+ or more, WE NEED MORE VEHICLES.

More vehicles MUST be improved, and I'm sure it will. I'm talking about 4 tanks, 8 warthogs, 4 banshees, 8 ghosts. Now that's very hopeful but try to make this game as grand scale as possible.