Ouya's getting game streaming via OnLive, also a look at the full controller

Ouya's latest project update clues in backers on the console's ability to stream and play PC games remotely ... via established streaming service OnLive. Ouya took to its Kickstarter project page with an update detailing the partnership and showing off the full controller.

OnLive's service doesn't seem to be limited in any ways on Ouya, with the announcement stating OnLive "will deliver a full console-classe experience, bringing hundreds of top-tier games from more than 80 publishers to the Ouya console for play on demand." The service is also detailed as "the same OnLive experience," which sounds an awful lot like it'll have the same library available through OnLive elsewhere.

INehalemEXI4086d ago

I don't want onlive all that much , but that ouya design looks sexy.

Wizziokid4086d ago

I like the console design but I'm not 100% on the controller, Will have to see how it handles.

-Mika-4086d ago

Ya it looks and i bet it feels cheap.

LAZL0-Panaflex4086d ago

Don't want streaming?! Sure I'll keep paying $60 for one game like a dunski. Once Google city opens every one will be streaming because of 1 gig per second download speeds. Get with the program grasshopper.

Wizziokid4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

This thing just keeps getting bigger, while I'm not a fan of the current sate of OnLive I think it's a welcome addition to the console. My question is however, how are they going to handle the hackers in multiplayer?

I'm excited to see how far this thing can go

Fishy Fingers4086d ago

Not surprised, as OnLive already supports Android. But obviously, it's further recognition for the device, the more backing the better.

MySwordIsHeavenly4086d ago

Wow. Well, I was on the edge about Ouya, but I may NEED it now. OnLive is awesome!

DivineAssault 4086d ago

Impressive.. I guess this Ouya isnt messing around... It might be a worthy investment however it doesnt mean you dont have to pay the monthly fee for the onlive services.. But still, this console has potential to make it

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History Lesson: The consoles that ‘failed’

Virtual Boy, Sega Nomad, Ouya and the other troubled game systems that nobody bought.

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Wasabi1376d ago

How has this article missed out Sega's Dreamcast and Nintendo's Wii U, two consoles that were actually superb devices in their own right, but were seen as failed due to lacklustre sales at the time of release?

Knightofelemia1376d ago

Wonder how long before Stadia appears on the list surprised the Ngage is not on that list

william_cade1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

I enjoy these kinds of articles.

rlow11376d ago

Talk about a blast to the past.......I remember trying the virtual boy at Toy R Us and it was cool but I did feel slightly disoriented afterwards......good article.


OUYA marketplace revived from the dead by internet archivists

The Ouya, a failed Android gaming console from early in this generation, is getting a second lease on life thanks to Internet archivists and some new software.

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Double_O_Revan1408d ago

That's pretty cool they were able to bring it back. It sucks when something online only gets killed.

I got mine when it first launched, however it wasn't good for anything other than retro emulation. I couldn't sell the thing fast enough. Managed to get almost all my money back selling it on eBay.

Xaywhat1407d ago

Just let go homies. It was DOA

JEECE1407d ago

I guess the Stadia launch is bringing back memories of other failed consoles/services.


10 Video Game Consoles That Failed Miserably

Gamers all remember the successful game consoles that have come and gone, but these massive failures slipped through the cracks.

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Jimboms1473d ago

I don't get why the Dreamcast was a fail. We all loved it here in the UK

Prince-Ali1473d ago

We REALLLYYYYY diiiid!!!!! Sega really ruined that consoles chances!!

1473d ago
Minute Man 7211473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

No western 3rd party dev support + PS2 hype killed the Dreamcast, not SEGA

mcstorm1473d ago

@Minute Man 721 Sega did kill the DC with the Saturn and it had a big impact on 3rd party games. For me the PlayStation lost its spark with the ps2 and onwards. I don't think any were bad consoles but for me the psx seems something special and I perfered what Microsoft and Nintendo had to offer the gens after the psx.

For me though the ps2, gc, DC and xboz gen I felt more impressed and spent more time gaming on my DC than the others.

Tech51473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )


darthv721473d ago

Sega failed it before it could fail itself. I believe they should have weathered the storm, they could have come out the other side.

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ProjectVulcan1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Lots of factors. Lots and lots. Cost of the hardware was steep for Sega so they lost a lot on it, and didn't recoup enough on software sales.

This could partly be attributed to the fact you could run copied games incredibly easily once pirates had learned how to defeat the simple software measure that had been put in place. Other machines needed a mod chip, the Dreamcast would just run the correctly packed titles off cheap CD ROMs.

If you were really determined to pirate early on say a PS2, you would rip the machine apart and mod chip it. That put off casual users, having risky surgery on their new $300 machine. But any pirated disc would just run on Dreamcast only a year after launch lol.

Then you have the whole wind of change at that time. Gamers were waiting for the PS2. Most people at that time had a PS1, and so they were not jumping on a machine until they had seen PS2. PS2 hype really killed Dreamcast in the West.

Then other smaller things like how Sega were associated with arcade style games when the trend was towards deeper RPG elements (even in racing games like Gran Turismo) and plot driven games. The lack of a DVD player, when that was something Sony marketed hard for PS2.

Necr0philiac1473d ago

The Sega Saturn should be lower on that list then the Dreamcast. It sold more units then the dreamcast at twice the price. It probably sold more games in total over the Dreamcast. The Saturn was popular in Japan and had years of support and new games after they gave up in the USA. A lot of Saturn games were not released in the USA.

The saturn was even easier to pirate games then the dreamcast. All you had to do was swap a burned game with the real game after the Saturn title screen

FlyingFoxy1473d ago

Sonic Adventure 2 was the first game i admittedly downloaded after getting 128k or 256k broadband in 2002/2003.. I did have quite a few legitimate games at the time, i was surprised it ran without a boot disc/ mod chip after burning it to CD.

Needless to say it was a buggy version, I'm assuming some troll messed with the pirated copy because i could only get so far at the end, passed Final Rush and one of the stages starts with you falling through the floor, repeatedly until game over. I only finished it once i got it on Steam.. I still have that buggy burnt to CD version by (i think) Echelon or whatever the groups name was.