CVG: Miles Jacobson talks MMO balls

CVG sat down with Miles Jacobson of Sports Interactive, who has always been renowned for quality football management games - from the heyday of Championship Manager all the way through to the imminent release of Football Manager Live.

So how is everything with FML at the moment? What's the buzz on it from players?

Miles Jacobson: It's all going pretty well. Beta Gameworld 4 has just opened, so it's quite hectic getting them up and running, and new features are going in thick and fast, whilst bug fixing too.

The buzz is really good - as long as people aren't going into it thinking it's online FM, they seem to really enjoy it, and word is certainly spreading amongst friends of those playing, judging by our bulging inboxes for people who want to be testing.

Do you think there'd ever be a market for an SI online football game where you had to train your teams for weekly matches, as opposed to the instant ones FML caters for?

Jacobson: Yes - it's called Football Manager 2008, and is available from all good, and some bad, retailers now. You can play that online, and play proper seasons. If you mean spending the realtime week training players, for one match on a Saturday, then no, as I don't think there would be enough for people to do.

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