Resistance 1 used just 10 - 20% of SPUs

This comes straight from Insomniac's brochure released on 1ts January,2008.

Summary of SPU usage found on page 34 of the 38 paged documentation :-

All our systems started off as RAW mode
The only long term (not finished this frame) asynchronous
processing is the collision on the raw SPUs
We use [Job Manager] but not all systems use it in the typical way
of fire and forget. Most of our system require the SPU to be
running a particular system at the same time as the PPU.
To ensure the SPU is doing what we want at the correct time we
send [Job Manager] the job and use our own thin
synchronization and job buffering schemes using the locked-line
for communication
10-20% total SPU utilization

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drewdrakes4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Use 10% to 20% of the SPUs' POWER. Clarify this please.

zambrota4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

pg 31

SPU Configuration
 2 Raw mode SPUs
 One SPU running broad collision
 One SPU running narrow collision
 These run all the time
 3 [Job Manager] SPUs
 In a thread group running SPURS
 [Job Manager] policy module
 All jobs go on these
 1 Unused
 This is for the OS to steal for AC3 Encode etc
 This should be used with its own job manager instance in the
future for jobs that don’t mind getting interrupted by the OS

SPES used in (pg 33)

 Animation
 Audio (NextSynth and LR1)
 Bucketer sort
 Collision (separate broad and narrow)
 Dynamic DB
 Dynamic joint
 FX update
 Geom Cull Clip (for shadows and decals)
 Glass
 Moby constants
 Physics collision
 Physics simulation
 Particle (weather fx)
 Render mats
 Static DB
 Water (FFT)

pg 34
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Bubbles for u. Keep up the good work champ!

Greek994740d ago

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mikeslemonade4740d ago

This game wouldn't have ran as well on the xbox 360 because of the huge maps, 40 player mutiplayer on dedicated servers with no lag, and the speed of this game. 360 owners are stuck with the slow Gears, Halo, and Mass Effect.

barom4740d ago

actually the reason why XLive doesn't have 40 player or anything on that level is because they use P2P. Which imo sucks especially if you pay for it.

But I guess that's not what they're paying for

mikeslemonade4740d ago

Yea I was meaning to compare all aspects and xbl was included. This is proof that xbl is actually lagging in some areas compared to PSN. I don't think any major 360 multiplayer game every hit even 32 players thus far and the system has been for more than 2 years. The PS2 was able to do it with 32 player with SOCOM 3 and there was lag in the smaller maps, but none of the larger maps.

Lord Anubis4740d ago

Zambrota you are going to have to wait because I had already given you a bubble so it will take a week before I can give you another.

CeruleanSky4740d ago

"Use 10% to 20% of the SPUs' POWER. Clarify this please."

In an ideal PS3 game all three of these things are doing work at the same time:

* All non-OS used SPUs

and every bus is saturated with data being transfered for each unit so when the current workload is done work can be started immediately without stalling.

The pdf is talking about how they still have a huge amount of parallelizing of their engine workload to do for their games after Resistance.

With Resistance the SPUs were operating much more in lock step than ideal. As they continue to upgrade their PS3 engine(s) they will be detaching more and more processing so that the number of things that can be done at once rises to the point where they will have every SPU operating in parallel constantly.

It is very similar to development on the PS2 but on a much larger scale where the huge leaps in graphic engines came as developers got better at having both VU0 and VU1 operating in parallel.

JsonHenry4740d ago

My question is this - since the CPU only has direct access to 256megs of system RAM - exactly how much of the SPUs can they really use since they can only put so much information through at one time due to the system RAM as is? I am not saying they can't do it. I am just wondering from a devs point of view what tricks can they pull to fix this problem?

Armyless4740d ago

Very very different stuff now.

millertime83064739d ago

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe each SPU has its own cache that it can use for computations

Mu5afir4739d ago

Each SPU can run two operations (threads) at the same time. :)

fenderputty4739d ago

"1.12 - @JSon
I'm not 100% sure, but I believe each SPU has its own cache that it can use for computations "

That's exactly what Heavenly Sword did. It used the SPU's to handle having all those enimies on screen at one time without touching the main RAM.

Armyless4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

The SPU's all have their own Cache and they can all SHARE cache and threads with each other SPU INDEPENDANT (if programmed that way) of the PPU.

drewdrakes4739d ago

Are you guys stupid? I said it was using 10 to 20% of the SPUs' power, how is that a wrong statement? The wrong statement is that it uses 10 to 20% of the SPUs. THAT statement means its using about 1 out of 8 SPUs, understand the difference? Its using 5 SPUs, but 10 to 20% of the power of those SPUs. Understand now? God.

So CeruleanSky, i dont know what the hell YOU thought i was talking about.

CeruleanSky4739d ago

"i dont know what the hell YOU thought i was talking about."

Obviously no one knew what the hell you were talking about.

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and it shows :P

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