A Peek inside a PS3 PKG file

Had a little time over the weekend to play with some PS3 .PKG files.

Here is a peek inside a PS3 Package file, see below!

For reference, some files like executables are still encrypted even when unpacked from a .PKG file, sound files are not. PSARC files are definitely compressed and likely encrypted as well.

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TrevorPhillips4383d ago

woow i rekon this will help people out to do these kinda stuff for the ps3

-EvoAnubis-4383d ago

But anyone mind explaining to me what the hell this means? There're bubbles in it for you....

Lord Anubis4383d ago

it means nothing to anyone, there really isn't anything that can be fed off from the package.

BTW pick a new name. Anubis is already taken. Go with RA the king of Gods but just don't use my name.

-EvoAnubis-4383d ago

I've been Anubis since forever . . . almost as long as I've been DeAno (which, needless to say, is since birth). In fact, the only reason I'm not EvoAnubis here on this site (like I am everywhere else) is because I guess I messed up the first time I signed up and put the wrong email address, so I figured my clan account name would do.

And, for the record, Ra sucks. As do all the "gods" in Egyptian mythology except for Anubis. Then again, I think you know that already. Cool avatar, by the way.

Kirstenlottesovs4383d ago

I'll try to explain this as easy as possible.
This is a "Warhawk Blu-Ray Disc patch 13" .pkg file (.pkg might be short for package)
You should consider a .pkg file as you would a zip, rar, or any other archive format.
This picture shows the content of the package. There are some soundfiles, bootfiles, a picture (The PNG one), and one unknown file (the data00p.psarc, which probably is an encrypted archive)

The reason people should want to know this, is that this might gain us entry to some of the deeper stoored PS3 files. This would allow us to run our own codes through linux, gain RSX access, and so on.
BUT! This is one step on a 1000 foot ladder, so don't expect anything from this.

gaffyh4383d ago

OK, all the demos we download off PSN, and the Patches come in s PKG file...which is an encrypted munge file i.e. it contains other files within it.

So, now that the hackers jave managed to open the file...they know whats inside...and if they figure out to rebuild it back into a PKG file...then they can put their own data into the PKG...and maybe launch other games or homebrew.