Is it possible for Nintendo to lose?

Nintendo's cleverly thought out business tactics for the Wii mean that this generation, they simply can't fail to succeed. These are the reasons why.

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BIadestarX5906d ago

I don't think it is. How can they lose if they are making a profit from day 1? besides if the wii it's crap it would take months for people to realise that so they will make lots of sells at launch. The same thing happen with the PSP, lots of people ran to the store and get it (I have 2). I do think they wii will do well though. If brain age sold so many ds the wii will. Those Nintendo marketting guys are good.

wulfgar885906d ago

if theres one thing nintendo has gotten better at its marketing. the ds has broke sales records all over the world and now with the console version of the ds poised to come out im sure the public will just as eagerly flock to it as they did the ds

PS360WII5905d ago

The title is a bit misleading for all he's talking about is how it's going to sell