Dynasty Warriors: Gundam | Review - AWESOME/10

Sick days are pretty rad, aside from all of that languishing in discomfort. They’re one of the few times when it’s perfectly acceptable to throw responsibility and good taste out the window. Whether it be eating ice cream in the morning, watching cheesy B-movies or playing lazy hack n’ slashers, depth is normally an adverse trait while ill. Luckily for me, I had picked up Dynasty Warriors: Gundam at the onset of my incapacitation, thereby ensuring that neither maturity nor complexity would be bothering me for the next couple of days. Or at least that’s what I thought.

While I’m unfamiliar with the inner workings of main series Dynasty Warriors games, I at least know that they’re historical beat em ups centered around the story of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This makes it kind of an odd combination when this medieval Chinese setting is replaced by the giant robotic mobile suits from one of Japan’s longest running anime franchises. Being only a starting Gundam fan, I’m also...

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zombiebirdhouse3846d ago

I like the rating system of this site. The review shows that depending on your mindset, you can enjoy anything. Games are meant to be fun, not compared.

awesomeoutof3845d ago

Yup! We intend for our reviews to not only be informative, but also to be entertaining experiences that can be read regardless of your interest in the game!